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Our Experienced Car Accident Lawyers Have Served Clients In San Antonio and Surrounding Communities For Over 25 Years

Car accidents are a daily occurrence in San Antonio. These often dangerous collisions can result in pain, suffering, injury, property damage, and in some cases, even death for accident victims.  For the past 25 years, Thomas J. Henry Law has represented victims involved in motor vehicle accidents in San Antonio and the surrounding communities and has successfully handled thousands of vehicle accident lawsuits.

Whether your accident was caused by negligence, reckless behavior, drunk driving, distracted driving, or a defective vehicle, you may may wish to seek compensation from the party or parties at fault for injuries, damages, or lost wages. The car accident attorneys at Thomas J. Henry Law can help. We offer free case reviews and consultations any time, day or night. Our experienced injury attorneys are ready to review your case today. Contact us anytime.

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The Importance of Hiring San Antonio Car Wreck Attorney for Your Case

In 2019, the Texas Department of Transportation recorded 50,796 crashes in Bexar County alone. Those crashes resulted in roughly 16,592 injures and 177 deaths. The truth is that no matter how safe of a driver you are, you cannot control the actions of others. Nobody is immune from negligence.

At Thomas J. Henry Law, we believe in holding those responsible for your accident and injuries accountable. We also believe that a person who has suffered injuries and damages due to the negligence of another driver should not be left to bear the consequences, nor should they have to face the adverse driver’s insurance company without representation. Let our auto accidents attorneys in San Antonio fight for you. You can depend on our team to ensure you recover the full amount owed for your injuries.

Remember, an insurance company primary goal is to make money. This means their adjusters want to limit their liability and pay you as little as possible for your injuries. By hiring a local San Antonio car crash lawyer, you can rest assured that your case is being handled by a licensed attorney who is familiar with Texas personal injury law, and specifically Texas car accident law, and has experience dealing with insurance companies, gathering evidence, and representing victims in court.

When you call Thomas J. Henry Law, you are taking the first step in protecting your rights. Our team of more than 200 attorneys have the experience and resources to represent your case effectively and aggressively. Let us handle the adverse driver and their insurer so you can focus on recovery.

Statute of Limitations on a San Antonio Car Accident Claim

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a car accident, it is best to contact an auto accident lawyer in San Antonio immediately. An experienced lawyer can help you protect your rights while also mitigating the confusion and stress that can follow a serious collision. However, we understand that calling a lawyer may not have been top-of-mind following your crash. Do not worry, there is still time.

Under Texas law (Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 16.003(a)), the statute of limitations for most personal injury claims is two years.

This means even if you did not call an attorney in the days or weeks following your crash, you can still reach out to our law offices to file your claim. Our attorneys will take immediate action on your case, including gathering information about the accident, gathering insurance information from the adverse driver, and gathering your medical records necessary to prove your claim.

Injured in a Crash? Contact an Experienced San Antonio Auto Accident Lawyer

Were you injured in a traffic accident in San Antonio or a surrounding area? Our San Antonio auto accident lawyers are available 24/7 to assist you and provide you with a free legal consultation. Contact Thomas J. Henry Law today for more information about the services we provide to clients in San Antonio, Texas.

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Your San Antonio Car Accident Questions Answered

We have straight answers to difficult questions to help you make critical decisions, navigate legal process and help you get justice.

Following a car accident, there are always more questions than answers. At Thomas J. Henry Law, we’re here to answer any questions you have about your injury case.

At Thomas J. Henry Law, we work on a contingency fee basis. This means you pay us nothing unless and until we win your car accident case. We can even advance clients money on qualified cases to help cover medical bills and other living expenses while your San Antonio car accident claim is being handled.

Call us now for your FREE case review with a licensed San Antonio auto accident attorney.

At Thomas J. Henry Law, we have auto accident lawyers in San Antonio who can take immediate action on your case. This includes taking the steps necessary to develop your case in a way that accurately demonstrates liability in addition to any economic and non-economic damages your and/or your family may have incurred.

Our firm has the legal experience and financial resources to help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. With a team of more than 200+ attorneys and 350 supporting staff, you can rest assured that your case is in capable hands as you receive regular updates on the status of your case. We will work with medical providers to properly demonstrate your injuries and have access to expert witnesses with specialized knowledge of car accident causes and injuries to help prove your claim.

If you choose not to contact a lawyer before talking to an insurer or adjuster, you are jeopardizing your entire claim to compensation. This could leave you facing long-term medical issues and financial instability alone.

Speaking with a knowledgeable auto accident attorney in San Antonio will help you understand the challenges you may face when filing your claim with an insurance company, from common tactics used by adjusters to the unique state laws and city ordinances that could affect your case. You can still choose not to hire a lawyer after your initial consultation, but at least you will know all of your options.

We do accept walk-ins at our San Antonio office locations; however, for your convenience, you may wish to make an appointment with our car accident lawyers in San Antonio by calling our offices or completing an online contact form.

Yes. We have attorneys on-call 24/7, nights and weekends. This means we will always have an experienced car accident lawyer in San Antonio, Texas available to assist you when you need it. Further, if you would like to meet with an attorney in-person but are unable to make it to one of our San Antonio office locations, we will send one of our attorneys directly to you.

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Recent Results

This is just a small sampling of the results we have obtained for our clients. Please click through to view more verdicts, settlements, and judgments.
Trucking Accident
$50 Million

Net to Client: $27 Million

Expenses: $1.1 Million

Attorney Fees: $21 Million



Trucking Accident
$35 Million

Net to Client: $22.2 Million

Expenses: $100 Thousand

Attorney Fees: $12.8 Million


Product Liability
$30.2 Million

Net to Client: $20.1 Million

Expenses: $39.6 Thousand

Attorney Fees: $10.1 Million


Premises Liability
$14.8 Million

Net to Client: $6.7 Million

Expenses: $652 Thousand

Attorney Fees: $7.4 Million


Medical Malpractice
$12.7 Million

Net to Client: $10.4 Million

Expenses: $300 Thousand

Attorney Fees: $2 Million


Company Vehicle Accident
$10 Million

Net to Client: $5.6 Million

Expenses: $125 Thousand

Attorney Fees: $4.3 Million




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Jose Araujo

San Antonio

1 year ago

Mi abogado muy atento con todo me aludo i explicó muy bien I en la oficina todos muy amables I profesionales muchas gracias por todo

Saily Fuentesp

San Antonio

1 year ago

Super recomendado muy profesionales y rapidos tienen servicio en espanol y mantiene informada todo el tu caso

Javier Elias

Corpus Christi

2 years ago

Primero, si pudiera dar una calificación superior a 5 estrellas, lo haría por el excelente trabajo realizado por Thomas J. Henry y su equipo. Él es un gran representante legal y muy honesto.

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