2020 Food Recalls: Recapping the Year’s Biggest Cases

Each day there are product recalls nationwide, with very few making the news. There are other cases that make national headlines. Food recalls are incredibly difficult to manage. If you have been injured due to a food item being recalled, who is to be held liable? Is it the store or the manufacturer?

The first step in a food recall is the food company determining that the item can be harmful to the public. They will often recall the entire food product unless they can narrow down the specific contaminated batch. The issue of liability is dependent on state and federal laws. In Texas, liability laws are meant to protect consumers who are victims of food poisoning and other injuries as a result of the contaminated food item.

The manufacturer is not protected from liability by issuing a food recall for past, present, and future use of the product. A food recall attorney from Thomas J. Henry can discuss your options during an initial consultation.

Onions and Onion Products

Between May and July, there was an unknown Salmonella outbreak that affected 15 states. The culprit ended up being red, yellow, white, and sweet yellow onions. These onions are sold in all 50 states at popular retailers like Walmart, Kroger, Publix, Food Lion, and others. The CDC recommended that all onions bought during this time be discarded since loose onions are near impossible to trace.

Frozen Shrimp

Salmonella seemed to be a trending topic this year. Between February and mid-May, frozen shrimp had to be recalled and pulled off of shelves. Again, they could not pinpoint the exact batch and the shrimp were packaged and sold under various brand names in a plethora of grocery stores. Contact a food recall attorney if you have suffered any injuries from frozen shrimp products.


Listeria contamination is the case in various Wegmans products that contain citrus. Over 6 states were affected during July 31st and August 7th of 2020.


Between July 1st and August 19th, Salmonella was running wild in peaches. The peaches were packaged by Prima Wawona and sold at big-name retailers like Walmart, Target. and Aldi. As of this writing, there were 68 reported cases of illness caused by these peaches. If you are the victim of Salmonella due to peaches you need to contact a food recall attorney immediately.

Progresso Chicken Soup

The household soup giant made a big non-no this year when a batch of 14-oz cans did not contain chicken soup but instead unidentified pork and beef products. The packaging also contained undeclared allergens like soy and dairy which can be deadly for some. If you fear exposure to Progresso chicken soup caused an injury, contact a food recall attorney.

Lay’s Potato Chips

A major factory mixup caused Frito-Lay to expose customers to undeclared dairy when they filled the wrong chips into Barbeque flavored bags.

Obtaining Compensation for a Food Recall Injury

A food recall can lead to food poisoning and other serious injuries requiring medical attention and, in some cases, long-term consequences. You do not need to suffer due to someone else’s negligence. Contact Thomas J. Henry at 866-517-5659 to schedule a consultation with a food recall attorney today.

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