Commercial Vehicle Liability as a Passenger in a Commercial Vehicle

commercial vehicle liability

Motor vehicle accidents are an unfortunate part of everyday life. According to AAA, more than 37,000 people die each year in car accidents, while estimates for annual injuries from such accidents approach 3 million. Have you suffered injuries as a passenger due to the negligence of a commercial vehicle driver? If so, you may be entitled to collect damages for those injuries. Let’s review commercial vehicle liability as a passenger in a commercial vehicle.

Commercial vs. Personal Vehicle Liability

While most people who sustain injuries in motor vehicle accidents are either drivers or passengers in a family car, some casualties of motor vehicle accidents are passengers in a bus, truck, or taxi at the time of the collision. Personal Injury Protection (PIP) protects most individuals in common car accidents and pays for their medical bills. This coverage is also available to individuals injured while riding as a passenger in a commercial vehicle. Also, Texas commercial vehicle liability laws require commercial vehicles to cover a minimum amount of insurance to operate legally in the state.

Minimum Insurance Coverage for Commercial Vehicles

The minimum insurance coverage required of commercial vehicles operating in Texas varies dependent upon the type of commercial vehicle. For example, small buses operating in the state that carry a maximum of 26 passengers must maintain $500,000 of liability coverage, while larger buses operating in the state have a minimum liability requirement of $5 million.

While PIP coverage may be suitable for coverage of medical expenses and some basic level of lost wages, you should consult an attorney regarding coverage of other losses. Whether your injuries occurred on a bus or while riding in the rig of a commercial vehicle, a Texas car accident attorney can help protect you from missing out on your rightful compensation, including recovery for excess medical bills not covered under PIP, as well as pain and suffering.

Time Sensitivity and Necessity for a Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer

Like all jurisdictions, Texas has time frames for pursuing legal action to recover damages, so you should not delay in seeking proper legal representation with a Texas commercial truck accident lawyer. Also, it is essential to collect complete documentation of injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident to get the maximum value for your claim. If you suffered injuries in a commercial vehicle accident in San Antonio, you should retain the services of a commercial truck accident attorney as soon as possible.

Your Commercial Truck Accident Attorney in San Antonio

At Thomas J. Henry, the largest personal injury law firm in Texas, our attorneys understand the commercial vehicle liability laws and stand ready to protect your rights. Whether you live in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, or elsewhere in Texas, Thomas J. Henry can assist you through the entire legal process, start to finish. Our attorneys will fight tirelessly to get you full compensation for your injuries, including medical expenses and lost wages, as well as pain and suffering. Call us today at 866-517-5659 for a free case review.

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