Electric Scooters: Liability and the Laws That Govern Them

electric scooter accidents in texas

One current trend is the ubiquitous use of e-scooters in numerous cities throughout the country. All it takes is a smartphone to order up and pay for an electronic scooter and begin your trek around the town. As with many new trends in transportation, laws regulating the specifics of e-scooter use are slowly developing. Rules related to where you can drive e-scooters and who is responsible for e-scooter accidents are still up for debate in many cities where the scooters are now in use. Today, we will review e-scooters, liability, and the laws that govern them.

E-Scooter Accident in Texas – What Now?

In the last two years, e-scooters popped up in many cities throughout Texas. Despite their growing use, confusion surrounding the laws regarding the use of the scooters is widespread. Even many of the e-scooter users are in the dark regarding regulations related to the use and liability of these vehicles. If you are in an e-scooter accident in Texas, what do you do next? If you tripped over a scooter left on a public sidewalk, who is liable for your injuries? Is it the owner of the scooter or the last user who abandoned it on the sidewalk?

Operation of an E-Scooter in San Antonio

Most jurisdictions, Texas included, require e-scooter users to operate the scooters on a road or bike path. Users of e-scooters are not permitted to use them on sidewalks. Also, many cities throughout Texas with laws related to e-scooter use prohibit their use at night after dark. For example, San Antonio placed restrictions on the use of e-scooters between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. Such restrictions vary between cities, so you need to contact a personal injury attorney in San Antonio to determine what is appropriate in your area.

Finding a Personal Injury Attorney in Corpus Christi

Texas law does not require riders to wear helmets while operating an e-scooter, but most scooter rental companies recommend it. Beyond colliding with a car or truck, operators of e-scooters face high risks of injury due to uneven roads, potholes, trash, or other debris. E-scooter companies may be held liable for defects or malfunctions of the vehicle but not for injuries sustained from a negligent motor vehicle colliding with the scooter. You should contact a personal injury attorney in Corpus Christi if you are in a collision with an e-scooter.

Thomas J. Henry Is Your Personal Injury Attorney for Electronic Scooters

At Thomas J. Henry, the largest personal injury law firm in Texas, we possess the up-to-date knowledge and experience to handle your e-scooter claims. Whether you are from Corpus Christi, Austin, San Antonio, the state of Texas, or beyond, Thomas J. Henry has a full team of expert attorneys that know the local and state laws regarding e-scooter use. We can assist you through the entire legal process, start to finish, getting you full compensation for your injuries, including medical bills and lost wages, as well as compensation for your pain and suffering. Don’t let your e-scooter injury go untreated. Call us at 866-517-5659 for a free case review.

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