Florida Woman in Coma After E-Scooter Crash, Family to Sue Rental Company

The family of 27-year-old Ashanti Jordan has filed a lawsuit against Lime Electric Scooter Rentals after a December crash left Jordan in a coma.

Information About the Lawsuit Against Lime

According to Newser, Jordan was riding a Lime e-scooter on a Fort Lauderdale street when she crashed into a car. The impact threw Jordan 100 feet and left her with a fractured skull. Jordan is in a coma and her family does not expect her to survive.

The lawsuit accuses Lime of putting customers like Jordan in danger. Florida law requires e-scooters to stay off of streets while riders can use sidewalks only in Fort Lauderdale, but the Lime app tells customers to stay on the street when riding an e-scooter, encouraging customers to violate state law.

Dangers Associated with E-Scooters 

Generally, e-scooters are considered safe to use when riders take proper precautions. But there are factors that can lead to an increased risk of injury when riding an e-scooter, including rider inexperience, road hazards, and riding into pedestrian traffic.

The attorney representing Jordan’s family points to numerous incidents involving e-scooters as an indictment of how dangerous they can be. The family hopes to hold Lime accountable for promoting that type of dangerous behavior with their e-scooters.

 Who Can Be Sued for an Electric Scooter Accident?

Who can be sued for an electric scooter accident is dependent on the type of accident that occurred and who was responsible for that accident. It is important to remember that there is no source of liability insurance when it comes to electric scooters, so legal action against the responsible party is often the only means of financial recovery.

Depending on the circumstances of your electric scooter accident, you may be able to seek compensation from:

  • The Rider: If your injures were the caused by a negligent or reckless scooter rider, then the rider can be held legally accountable for you injuries.
  • The Scooter Company: If a defect, design flaw, or malfunction contributed in any way to your accident and injuries, you can seek financial from the scooter’s manufacturer.
  • Motorists: If you injuries were the result of an accident caused by a negligent driver, you could seek compensation from the driver involved.
  • Pedestrian at Fault: If the actions of a pedestrian caused your accident – for example, they suddenly stepped into the path of a scooter rider – then you may be able hold the pedestrian accountable for your injuries.
  • The City: If a pothole or road defect caused your scooter accident, you may be able to seek financial recovery from the city.

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