Most Common Types of Car Accidents in San Antonio

Car accidents are a daily occurrence in San Antonio. In the immediate aftermath of a collision, it is unlikely you are considering the type of car accident that occurred or the events that led up to it. All you know is you are injured, your vehicle is damaged, and the other driver is responsible.

However, it is important to note the facts and circumstances of your crash. You will want to be able to provide concise information to any responding officers as well as your insurance company. Documenting the details of your crash can also help you later as you seek compensation for your injuries.

The first thing you will want to determine is what kind of car wreck you were involved in. From there, you can begin to understand why the crash happened and strengthen your claim against the at-fault driver.

Common Types of Car Crashes in San Antonio

Car crashes happen quickly and with little warning. The impact of the collision can cause the vehicles involved to rotate, move sideways, and even overturn. Depending on the speed the vehicles were traveling and the force of the crash, vehicles may come to a stop yards away from where the initial impact occurred.

Being able to tell investigators the type of car accident that occurred can help them as they try to figure out exactly what happened. This will allow them to complete a more accurate report, putting you in a better position to recover the compensation you deserve.

Rear-End Crashes

Texas traffic laws are pretty clear on who is responsible for a rear-end collision. Texas Transportation Code, Sec. §545.062 requires drivers to maintain an “assured clear distance” when traveling behind another vehicle so that they can safely stop without colliding with the preceding vehicle. In doing so, drivers must consider the speed of their vehicle, the speed of the vehicle they are following, and any traffic, road, or weather conditions that may affect safe following distance.

These types of accidents are common in San Antonio’s rush-hour traffic and areas with road construction and lane closures. This is why drivers should increase their following distance when driving in congested traffic and work zones.

T-Bone Accidents

T-bone accidents, also called broadside crashes, typically occur at intersections and are the result of a negligent driver running a red light or stop sign. While crashes can occur at any intersection, some San Antonio intersections are more dangerous than others. Intersections with high traffic, confusing lane layout, poor signage, or obstructed visibility are more likely to be the site of cross-traffic collisions.

The San Antonio car accident attorneys at Thomas J. Henry Law will look at all the factors that contributed to your crash so you can hold all liable parties responsible.

Head-On Collisions

Texas leads the nation in fatal wrong-way collisions, and San Antonio is no exception. Head-on crashes normally occur when a driver drifts over the center line and into oncoming traffic. However, every year it seems San Antonio records more and more head-on crashes in which the at-fault driver is traveling on the wrong side of a divided highway our boulevard.

Drunk, distracted, and negligent drivers will actually get on the highway using an exit ramp. They will then continue traveling the wrong direction before finally colliding with a vehicle. These kinds of crashes are more prevalent at night, and they often result in serious injuries and death.

Merging and Sideswipe Accidents

Another common type of car accident in San Antonio involves vehicles merging or changing lanes. When a driver fails to check their surroundings and blind spots, they can sideswipe vehicles next to them. Similar rear-end collisions, these crashes seem more prevalent in high traffic areas. They are also common in work zones wear lane closures are present.

While not as clear-cut as other types of crashes, our law firm can help prove your crash was the fault of the other driver.

Single-Vehicle Crashes

Crashes involving a single vehicle are among the most common car accidents and types of crashes in San Antonio. However, passengers involved in a single-car crash may not realize that they do have rights as injured victims.

Texas law does allow passengers to sue the driver of the vehicle they were in for injuries suffered in a crash. Further, if the crash was the result of a mechanical issue, defective tire, or defective auto part, the driver can file a lawsuit against the company that manufactured the defective part.

If you have questions about your legal options following a single-vehicle crash, call Thomas J. Henry Law for a FREE Case Consultation.

No-Contact Crashes

No-contact crashes can often be confused with single-vehicle crashes as the vehicles do not actually collide. The big difference, however, is liability. A car does not need to hit yours for you to sue the driver. If another driver causes you to lose control by cutting you off or entering your lane, they can be held responsible for your crash.

Who Is At Fault for My San Antonio Car Accident?

Liability in a car accident is rarely a simple matter. As mentioned, you may know that another driver was responsible for your crash, but for your lawsuit to be successful you need to prove it.

Thomas J. Henry Law has represented clients involved in all types of car accidents for nearly 30 years. We understand the evidence necessary to prove your claim. We also know how to demonstrate liability to a judge or jury should your case go to trial.

It is also important to remember that more than one person or organization may have played a role in your crash. This is common in San Antonio trucking accidents where a truck driver’s employer can be held liable in resulting legal action. The person at fault for your crash may include:

  • The driver of the vehicle that caused your crash
  • The owner of the vehicle if the owner knew the person they allowed to drive their vehicle had a problematic driving history
  • The employer of a negligent or reckless truck driver or company vehicle driver
  • A manufacturer who manufactured defective parts or vehicle components that contributed to your crash or injuries
  • A maintenance company that negligently serviced or repaired a vehicle

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