San Antonio Records Record Number of Fatal Crashes in 2021

Data shows San Antonio recorded a record number of deadly crashes in 2021, marking the deadliest year for motorists in San Antonio since 2006.

San Antonio Crashes Claim More than 205 Lives in 2021

According to KSAT, San Antonio police responded to more than 205 deadly crashes in 2021 – the highest total since 2006.

Crashes and crash-related deaths have been on the rise across Texas over the past few years. Despite lower traffic in 2020, Texas traffic deaths increased by 7.54%. In 2021, traffic deaths increased by another 15% with 4,480 deaths reported – a 40 year high.

Traffic safety agencies are struggling to curb the sharp increases in fatal crashes; however, experts note that much of the spike is due to reckless behavior by drivers. Most notably, safety advocates blame increases in distracted driving and aggressive driving behaviors.

“The hardest part about doing what we do is just the senselessness of it all,” SAPD Sgt. Anthony Dimmick told KSAT. “To Me, this is a crisis,” he added.

San Antonio and Texas are not alone in the traffic death increases. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) noted that 38 states saw an increase in deadly crashes during the first nine months of 2021.

Defensive Driving Tactics for San Antonio Drivers

Oftentimes, it simply is not enough to follow traffic laws. To help prevent potential crashes, drivers should drive defensively, planning for poor driving behaviors by others.

Common defensive driving tactics that you should practice in San Antonio include:

  • Be Aware of Your Surroundings. Check your mirrors frequently and scan the road ahead of you. If a vehicle shows signs of aggressive or reckless driving, slow down or pull over to avoid it.
  • Don’t Put Your Trust in Other Drivers. Be considerate on the road, but remember that other drivers are strangers. You do not know them nor can you predict their behaviors. Assume drivers will merge without warnings, run red lights, and drive aggressively. Anticipate the worst and plan your maneuvers accordingly.
  • Allow Safe Following Distance. Establishing a 3- to 4-second following distance can give you time to react to unexpected stops or obstacles. If weather or road conditions are bad, increase your following distance.
  • Be Visible. Do not expect drivers to check their own surroundings and blind spots – many simply do not. Try to be visible, driving where you are most likely to be in the field of vision of those driving around you.
  • Have an Escape Route. Having an opening or an out ready for the event of a crash or sudden stoppage ahead of you is a good practice. When able, travel so that you have a clearing in the lanes to the left or right of your vehicle should you need to change direction. Check your mirrors regularly to make sure your out remains open. If you find yourself surrounded by a cluster of vehicles, consider slowing down and distancing yourself from the pack if safe to do so.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

Even the safest driver can be involved in a collision. When defensive driving fails, consider contacting an experienced San Antonio car accident lawyer. A good lawyer can help you recover financial compensation for your injuries and damages so you are left footing the bill for another driver’s recklessness.

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