Tests Confirm E. Coli Contamination in Corpus Christi Water Supply

All of Corpus Christi will remain under a boil water advisory after a water tests confirmed E. coli contamination in the city water supply.

Details of the Contamination

According to KRIS-TV, water samples from Flour Bluff came back positive for E. coli, resulting in a water boil advisory being put in affect across the city.

The City of Corpus Christ has confirmed that additional samples have also tested positive and that the boil advisory will remain in effect indefinitely.

In response to the advisory, residents have flocked to grocery stores in hopes of gathering bottled water. The city is currently working on flushing the water supply system.

Boil Water Advisory Safety

The following information was provided by KIII-TV:

  • According to the advisory, tap water should be boiled for at least two minutes before being ingested or used for cooking purposes.
  • Dishwashers with a hot/sani-cycle can still be used; however, in the absence of this setting, residents are urged to soak dishes in a 30ml bleach/13.5 liter water solution for 1 minute following the final cycle.
  • Parents are urged to supervise babies and children during bathing to ensure they do not ingest the contaminated water.
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