Tragedy at Texas Hospital: Car Crashes into ER, One Killed, Five Hurt

A tragic car crash at St. David’s North Austin Medical Center on Tuesday evening February 13th, 2024 claimed one life and left five others injured, according to USA Today.

Incident Details

Shortly after 5:30 pm, a vehicle collided with the north entrance of the emergency room. While authorities haven’t confirmed the cause of the accident, they assure it wasn’t intentional.

Sadly, the driver succumbed to injuries after being extricated from the vehicle. Five individuals within the ER lobby sustained injuries, with one requiring treatment at St. David’s and four, including two children, transferred to other hospitals. One child’s injuries are critical, while another adult has serious, potentially life-threatening conditions. Two other patients escaped with non-life-threatening injuries.

As a precautionary measure, eight additional patients will be transferred to other facilities. The hospital assures structural integrity and continued operations outside the ER. Walk-in patients will be treated in a temporary triage area at the ambulance bay until the ER reopens for ambulances and EMS.

Initial reports suggesting 10 injured were adjusted by authorities. The Austin Fire Department urges drivers to avoid the area while investigations continue.

2022 Texas Traffic Accident Statistics

The following information about Texas and San Antonio accidents was provided by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT):

  • 4,481 people were killed in Texas traffic crashes in 2022, marking a .36% decrease from the 4,497 deaths reported in 2021.
  • 51.42% of traffic deaths occurred in rural areas of the state, and 636 deaths were attributed to head-on collisions.
  • An additional 15,299 people were injured in Texas traffic crashes in 2021 with 18,880 people suffering serious, incapacitating injuries.
  • Based on reportable crash data for the year:
    • One person was killed in a crash in Texas every 1 hour and 57 minutes
    • A person was injured every 2 minutes and 9 seconds
    • A reportable crash occurred every 57 seconds

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