Wellness: 8 Important Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before an Operation

When surgery becomes the number one treatment your doctor recommends, you may have many questions and concerns. But with limited time during an appointment, getting all your questions answered is difficult unless you prepare what to ask in advance. For your guidance, Thomas J. Henry has provided a list of important questions to ask your doctor before an operation.

8 Questions to Ask Before an Operation

1. Why do I need this operation?

This question seems the most obvious, but it is sometimes not fully discussed. Find out the reason this operation was recommended for you specifically. Also discuss other options or alternatives and what would happen if the operation were not performed.

2. What are the risks, benefits, and possible complications?

While beneficial, surgeries carry risks as well. Find out what they are and compare them to the benefits to make a logical decision about the operation’s effectiveness. Discuss how long the benefits and risks last and what complications—such as infections and bleeding—could cause severe effects to your body.

3. How will the operation be performed?

Discuss the steps involved in the surgical procedure and whether other methods are preferable.

4. What is the surgeon’s experience?

Find out the success rate of your surgeon and ask if they are board certified or a member of the American College of Surgeons. Acquire their phone number or email for future questions.

5. What are my anesthesia options?

Your doctor should explain whether a local, regional, or general anesthesia will be used and why it was recommended for your procedure. Discuss how the anesthesia will perform if mixed with other prescription medications or vitamins/herbs you are taking.

6. How should I prepare for the operation?

Find out if you will need any special tests, blood thinners, a change in your routine medication, or a special diet. Also discover when you should stop eating and drinking before the operation and whether you can take your home medications on the day of the operation.

7. What can I expect as I recover?

Discuss the length of your recovery and when you will be able to return to regular activities. Ask if you will need any medications as you recover and if anything is recommended to boost recovery speed.

8. How much will the operation cost?

Discuss the specific cost and how much your insurance plan will cover. This information is not typically available to the healthcare provider right away.

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