Wife of Deceased Worker Sues SeaWorld San Antonio

San Antonio resident Teresa Corpus has opened a lawsuit against SeaWorld in response to her husband’s untimely death while on the job last year.

Workplace Accident At SeaWorld SanAntonio

Ricardo Corpus worked as an air conditioning specialist and was employed by SeaWorld when the accident occured. While working on an air conditioning unit, Mr. Corpus was electrocuted and died before he could be flown via helicopter to the hospital.

Worker’s Wife Claims SeaWorld Failed to Provide Proper Training

“[SeaWorld] knew of the dangers of working in an energized environment; yet, [SeaWorld] failed to implement safety training, provide personal protective equipment to its employees like Mr. Corpus and failed to provide specialized tools.” – lawsuit

Mrs. Corpus states that employees, like her husband, did not receive proper training or safety equipment that could have prevented her husband’s death. Park representatives have declined to comment on the lawsuit.

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