Harmony Juvenile Products Recalls 150,000 Car Booster Seats

Harmony Juvenile Products has issued a nationwide recall for 150,000 Big Boost Deluxe seats after determining the products pose a injury hazard to children.

Details of the Recalled Harmony Juvenile Products Booster Seats

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) documents, the booster seats’ belts can cause excessive force to be applied to the chest of children in the event of a collision, resulting in an increased risk of injury.

NHTSA also notes that, due to this defect, the booster seats fail to comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard requirements.

A fix for the defective car seats is still under development, and Harmony Juvenile Products has not yet provided a notification schedule to federal regulators.

Tips for Preventing Car Seat Failures and Injuries

While not all car seat-related injuries can be prevented, taking a proactive approach to your child’s safety can greatly reduce the risk of car seat failure.

  • Register your car seat. Car seats come with a registration card that can be filled out and submitted with no postage required. In the event of a recall, you will be notified by the manufacturer similar to an auto recall.
  • Have your car seat checked. Many city fire departments and non-profits host free car seat checks. If you are expecting or if you already have your little one, take a few minutes to visit a car seat check location to ensure you car seat is installed correctly and recall free.
  • Do not alter or add items to your child’s car seat. Car seats undergo strict testing to ensure they are safe for children. When you add or remove items from a car seat, you could be making the car seat less effective and creating new hazards for your child.
  • Do NOT reuse a car seat that has been in an accident. Like air bags, car seats are good for ONE collision. You should never use a car seat that has been involved in a previous accident, even if it appears to be in “like new” condition.
  • Keep informed. Even if you filled out a car seat registration car, check for recalls regularly. Having extra information can only benefit you.

Contact an Experienced Car Seat Failure Attorney

Thomas J. Henry Injury Attorneys are experienced in defective child car seats and recalls. Your choice does matter. If your child has suffered because of a defective car seat, contact Thomas J. Henry Injury Attorneys immediately. We are available 24/7, nights and weekends.

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