Scuba Diving Regulators Recalled For Drowning Hazard

Huish Outdoors recently announced a recall for approximately 4,500 scuba diving regulators due to a drowning hazard.

About the Scuba Diving Regulator Recall

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the Oceanic and Hollis scuba diving regulators run the risk of restricting airflow at low tank pressures, which is any reading below 500 psi, and may pose a drowning hazard to scuba divers. No injuries have currently been reported.

The CPSC urges consumers to immediately stop using the recalled product. Those affected by the recall can contact a local Oceanic or Hollis dealer to receive a repair free of charge.

Description of the Recalled Scuba Diving Regulator

  • The metal regulator attaches to the scuba tank valve and controls the pressure of the air a diver breathes.
  • The serial number is laser etched on the first stage body. Part numbers and UPC numbers are printed on the packaging only.

Regulators with the following part numbers are included:


Oceanic CDX First Stage


Part NumberDescriptionUPC
40-3770-07ALPHA 10 + CDX, YOKE020545096023
40-3771-07ALPHA 10 + CDX, DIN020545096030
40-3770CDX 1ST STAGE, YOKE020545095538
40-3771CDX 1ST STAGE, DIN020545095545
40-6184KIT, SVC, FDXi/CDX/EDX, 1ST STG020545097075

Oceanic EDX First Stage


Part NumberDescriptionUPC
40-7590-07DELTA 5 + EDX, YOKE, BK020545043713
40-7591-07DELTA 5 + EDX, DIN, BK020545043720
40-7590-24DELTA 5 + EDX, YOKE, WH020545096009
40-7591-24DELTA 5 + EDX, DIN, WH020545096016
40-7590EDX 1ST STAGE, YOKE020545095552
40-7591EDX 1ST STAGE, DIN020545095569
40-6184KIT, SVC, FDXi/CDX/EDX, 1ST STG020545097075

Oceanic FDX10 First Stage


Part NumberDescriptionUPC
40-6185KIT, SVC, FDX10, 1ST STG020545097013


Oceanic FDXi First Stage


Part NumberDescriptionUPC
40-8150-07ZEO + FDXi, YOKE, SWIV, BK020545092094
40-8150-24ZEO + FDXi, YOKE, SWIV, WH020545092100
40-8140-07ZEO + FDXi, DIN, SWIV, BK020545087960
40-8140-24ZEO + FDXi, DIN, SWIV, WH020545087977
40-8200-03FDXi 1ST STG, YOKE, BK020545082705
40-8200-05FDXi 1ST STG, DIN, BK020545082729
40-8211-24FDXi 1ST STG, YOKE, WT020545094685
40-8212-24FDXi 1ST STG, DIN, WT020545094692
40-6184KIT, SVC, FDXi/CDX/EDX, 1ST STG020545097075

Hollis DC7 First Stage


Part NumberDescriptionUPC
240-3500-07-M500SE + DC7 YOKE020545208921
240-3501-07-M500SE + DC7 DIN020545208938
240-1503-07-M150LX + DC7 DIN020545211037
240-1504-07-M150LX + DC7 YOKE020545211044
240-3567DC7 – YOKE020545207054
240-3568DC7 – DIN020545207061
220-9206KIT, SVC, DC7, 1ST STG020545086314

Hollis DC3 First Stage


Part NumberDescriptionUPC
240-1000-07-M100LX + DC3 YOKE020545209966
240-1001-07-M100LX + DC3 DIN020545209973
240-3555DC3 – YOKE020545205715
240-3556DC3 – DIN020545205722
220-9214KIT, SVC, DC1/DC2/DC3/DCX, 1ST STG020545216148

Hollis DC1 First Stage


Part NumberDescriptionUPC
220-9214KIT, SVC, DC1/DC2/DC3/DCX, 1ST STG020545216148

Hollis DC2 First Stage


Part NumberDescriptionUPC
220-9214KIT, SVC, DC1/DC2/DC3/DCX, 1ST STG020545216148

Hollis DCX First Stage


Part NumberDescriptionUPC
240-2010-07-M200LX + DCX YOKE020545209928
240-2011-07-M200LX + DCX DIN020545209935
240-3572DCX – YOKE020545210412
240-3573DCX – DIN020545210429
220-9214KIT, SVC, DC1/DC2/DC3/DCX, 1ST STG020545216148


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