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Our attorneys and staff continue to work through COVID-19 and remain available 24/7, ready to fight for you. Our video conferencing, case management, and telecommunications systems allow us to stay in constant contact with our clients and pursue their claims without interruption – all without our clients leaving the comfort of their homes. You focus on staying healthy and safe, we’re here to handle the rest.

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Thomas J. Henry Law is a leading personal injury law firm representing accident victims in Austin, Texas, and nationwide.  Our Austin office has the resources and staff to serve local clients as well as clients from surrounding cities and communities. Clients benefit from state-of -the-art trial technology, an industry leading case management system, multimedia conference rooms, and, of course, exceptional service from our experienced Austin injury lawyers and staff.

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Please note our attorneys are available 24/7, nights and weekends to accommodate your needs. If you are unable to travel to our office, we can arrange to visit you at home or in the hospital.

Austin Personal Injury Lawyers Handling a Broad Scope of Practice Areas

At our Austin law office, we handle cases concerning all of our legal practice areas, including:

  • Car Accident Lawyers – 78 people were killed in car accidents in Austin, Texas in 2017. Another 4,000 people were injured. Whether your crash occurred on a congested highway like Interstate 35, MoPac Expressway, US 290, or Highway 183 or at a dangerous intersection like those of found along Trinity Street, Lamar Boulevard, 7th Street, Riverside Drive, Butler Road, and Parmer Lane, our experienced Austin car accident lawyers are ready to help you.
  • Company Vehicle Accident Lawyers – Company vehicle accidents can involve vehicles of all makes, models, shapes, and sizes. This includes dump trucks, garbage trucks, vehicle transporters, transit buses, school buses, utility vehicles, construction vehicles, and Uber and Lyft vehicles. Company vehicle accidents present unique liability issues as multiple parties can be held responsible for your injuries, including the drier and their employer. Thomas J. Henry Law has represented clients injured in Austin company vehicle accidents for more than 25 years. We have the experience and the resources to handle your case aggressively and effectively.
  • Medical Malpractice Lawyers – Austin is home to some of the largest and most distinguished hospitals in Texas, including St. David’s Medical Center, Seton Medical Center Austin, and Dell Children’s Medical Center. While the vast majority of healthcare professionals are knowledgeable, experienced, and have their patients’ safety and health at top of mind, medical errors do occur. In fact, 24.4 per 1,000 Texas residents are victims of medical malpractice. At Thomas J. Henry Law, our Austin medical malpractice lawyers understand how upsetting it can be to suffer harm at your physician’s hands. If you are a victim of malpractice, don’t hesitate to call our Austin medical malpractice attorneys for a free consultation.
  • Motorcycle Accidents Lawyers – Fatal motorcycle accidents are common on the Texas roadways, and Austin is no exception when it comes to these types of crashes. In 2017, Texas surpassed 500 motorcyclist fatalities for the second year in a row. Injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents tend to be severe in nature, often requiring surgeries as well as years of treatment and physical therapy. In addition to physical hardships, medical bills and time off of work can place financial burdens on you and your family. Let our Austin motorcycle accident attorneys assist you with the legal process and help you get back on your feet.
  • Premises Liability Lawyers – The concept of premises liability involves an injury caused by a dangerous, unsafe, or defective condition on a property. These types of cases can be difficult to navigate on your own, so it is important to reach out to a local Austin premises liability lawyer to assist with your claim. Whether your injuries were the result of a slip and fall accident, negligent security, or an dog or animal bite, our Austin premises liability lawyers have the expertise to help you recover the compensation you deserve.
  • Truck Accident Lawyers – The Austin-Round Rock metro area includes five counties – all of which see a large amount of commercial truck activity and accidents. In 2017, across the five-county metro area (including Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Travis, and Williamson counties), there were more than 1,400 crashes involving commercial motor vehicles, resulting in hundreds of injuries. Due to the massive size differential between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles, oftentimes the injuries sustained in trucking accidents are severe in nature, including spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and even death. As a victim of a semi-truck crash, you have rights that need to be protected. At Thomas J. Henry Law, our experienced Austin truck accident lawyers have the power to do just that.
  • Workplace Injury Lawyers – As an employee, you should not have to carry the fear of being injured while on the job. You have a right to expect that your employer is providing you with the safest workplace environment possible. Our Austin workplace injury attorneys fight to protect the rights of injured workers and help them recover after devastating work-related injuries. If you were injured on the job by a defective product or piece of equipment, or if your employer has failed to prioritize the safety of its employees, call Thomas J. Henry immediately for assistance.

Do I Need an Attorney for My Austin Accident?

The risks of not contacting an attorney after an accident cannot be overstated. Simply put, you are risking your entire claim to recovery as well as future financial stability.

Insurance adjusters are familiar with claim procedures and liability. When an insurance adjuster calls you with questions concerning your accident, they are looking for information that limits the liability of their client and information that can be used to downplay the extent of your injuries.

Further, adjusters will often ask that you provide a recorded statement concerning your accident and injuries. While they may say that the sole purpose of the recorded statement is to gather information needed to move your claim forward, the statement can actually used to erode your case and right to recovery.

It is the adjusters job to limit your recovery and save their company money. An attorney will help you protect your rights and your claim to fair compensation.

What Do I Risk By Not Contacting an Experienced Local Injury Lawyer?

Providing a recorded statement without consulting with an attorney can often result in:

  • Unintentional inconsistencies – Crashes and accidents are hectic and disorienting. As time moves on, you will likely remember less and less about the events leading up to and following your accident. When an insurance company goes back to compare all the statements you made over a period of weeks or months, they will claim that any inconsistencies were attempts by you to mislead the company and label them as lies before a judge or a jury.
  • Exposure to trick questions– Representatives often ask trick questions or word their inquiries in a way meant to trick or trap you. You may even be pressured into agreeing to facts that are not completely accurate just to get the representative off your back. Even an aggravated response of “I don’t know, maybe” or “I guess” can come back to haunt you later.
  • Exposure to leading statements – Even a statement that seems innocent on its surface can damage your claim depending on your response. For example, by giving a positive response to statements like “I hope your back is starting to feel a bit better” or “Wow, it’s a miracle you weren’t more seriously injured,” you could be tricked into understating the severity of your injuries.
  • Failure to report undiagnosed injuries – Most doctors agree that the full extent of injuries suffered in an accident may not be evident until several days after the accident has occurred. If a claims adjuster contacts you within 24 hours of a crash and asks about your injuries, chances are you will not be able to provide a complete list of injuries. This will not stop the insurance company from questioning and attempting to dismiss any injuries that became symptomatic after that initial recorded statement was made.
  • Provide material for cross-examination – By the time deposition or trial occurs, chances are the defense counsel will have reviewed your recorded statements dozens of times. They will craft questions for cross-examination with the understanding that you likely don’t remember everything you said or agreed to in that recorded statement. And when you misremember or contradict yourself in a moment of confusion, they will try to claim your misstatement proves your testimony is not credible.

What Should I Consider Before Hiring an Attorney?

There are multiple factors to consider when deciding whether or not you need legal representation following an accident; however, there are several situations in which you should definitely consider contacting an experienced Austin injury attorney.

  1. Did a serious injury or death occur? If you or a loved one was seriously injured or killed in an accident, contact an attorney immediately. Hiring an attorney in a timely manner can help protect your rights and ensure that essential evidence is preserved. Serious injuries include broken bones, soft tissue damage, head and face injuries, neck and back injuries, or any other injury requiring hospitalization.
  2. Did your injuries result in loss of wages? If an accident has cost you time away from work and/or resulted in lost income, our Austin injury lawyers can help you recover those lost wages from the responsible party.
  3. Were you involved in a company vehicle accident? If you were involved in an accident that involved a commercial truck, such as a delivery truck or an 18-wheeler, it is better to err on the side of caution. Accidents involving company vehicles can become complicated very quickly as company vehicles are subject to additional laws and regulations. You need an attorney who has the experience and resources to navigate these complex cases.
  4. Is there contested liability? If there is any dispute about who is responsible of your injuries, an attorney can help you make sure that any fault determinations are correct. In Texas, civil litigation is decided on preponderance of evidence. This means that a party found to be 51% liable or more is unable to recover damages. Additionally, insurance companies will often dispute liability and assert their policyholder was not entirely responsible for a crash to mitigate payouts. The experienced Austin injury lawyers at Thomas J. Henry Law can help prove liability.
  5. Will the insurance company offer a fair settlement? If it appears an insurance company is not going to offer a fair settlement, it is time to contact an attorney. Insurance companies are in the business of making money – as such, they will attempt to payout as little as possible. If you believe you deserve more than what an insurance company is offering, do not be afraid to seek legal representation.
  6. Is the insurance company ignoring you? Some insurance companies will drag their feet and ignore your phone calls as a tactic. The hope is that you will be so fed up with the process by the time they make an offer that you will accept a settlement that is less than what you deserve. If you feel that an insurance company is ignoring you or attempting to delay the closure of your claim, contact an attorney to apply pressure.
  7. Was your claim denied? Occasionally, and insurer will attempt to deny a justified claim outright. If you feel that your claim should be covered under a policy, contact an attorney.
  8. How well do you know your rights as an accident victim? If you are ever unsure about your rights following an accident or have questions about how you should proceed, contact Thomas J. Henry for a free consultation. One of our experienced Austin injury lawyers will review your case and help you determine if legal representation is right for you. Our attorneys are available to assist you 24/7, nights and weekends.

A Texas Firm with National Recognition

When you get results like this, people take notice. Thomas J. Henry Law is among the top personal injury law firms in Texas and in the United States. Recent accolades include:

  • Forbes Magazine – Thomas J. Henry- 2016 Texas “Leaders in Law”
  • Lawyers of Distinction – Thomas J. Henry
  • San Antonio Current – Thomas J. Henry- Best San Antonio Attorney 2018
  • – Thomas J. Henry- Best Personal Injury Attorneys of 2018
  • – Thomas J. Henry – #1 Texas Car Accident Verdict of 2017
  • -Thomas J. Henry – #1 Texas Bus Accident Verdict of 2017
  • – Thomas J. Henry – #1 Texas Negligent Supervision Verdict of 2017
  • Texas Lawyer (an ALM Publication) – Thomas J. Henry- #1 Worker/Workplace Negligence of 2017
  • Legal Leaders Magazine (an ALM Publication)  – Thomas J. Henry- 2016 Texas’ Top Rated Lawyers
  • – Premier Law Firm of 2016
  • Rue Ratings – Thomas J. Henry- Named Life-Time Member of Best Attorneys of America
  • Legal Leaders Magazine (an ALM Publication) – Thomas J. Henry- 2015 Texas’ Top Rated Lawyers
  • Rue Ratings – Thomas J. Henry- 2015 Best Attorneys of America
  • – Thomas J. Henry- Legal Superstars 2015
  • – Thomas J. Henry- 10 Best Personal Injury Attorneys 2014
  • Texas Lawyer (an ALM Publication)– 2014 Texas Verdicts Hall of Fame
  • Texas Lawyer (an ALM Publication) – #1 Workplace Injury Verdict of 2013
  • National Trial Lawyers – Thomas J. Henry- Top 100 Trial Lawyers (2013)
  • National Law Journal – Top 100 Verdicts of 2013
  • Parenting Magazine – Thomas J. Henry- 2013 Top Birth Injury Advocates
  • National Law Journal – Top 100 Verdicts of 2012
  • Million Dollar Advocates Forum – Thomas J. Henry (lifetime member)
  • Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum – Thomas J. Henry (lifetime member)

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