Wellness: 10 Tips to Decrease Depression and Improve Mental Health

Taking care of yourself is important. Not getting enough sleep, overeating, or refusing to exercise can not only harm your body, it can also lead to depression. Here are some tips for keeping your mental and physical self well and happy.

10 Tips To Improve Mental Health

  • Stay Active – When people are not accomplishing something, they can feel depressed, emotional, and unimportant. If you notice long spaces of inactivity in your life, do something about it. Find a hobby you enjoy—preferably something you can do with friends—that will keep both your body and your mind active.
  • Get Out of the House – Doing the same routine each day and seeing the same result is mundane and can lead to discontentment, stress, and depression. Get out of the house and go somewhere you have never been. Talk to new people, try a new food—introduce something exciting to your routine that you can look forward to each day.
  • Spend Time with Friends – Loneliness turns our thoughts inward. With focus on ourselves, we often feel pessimistic and lazy. Spending time with friends distracts us from self-focused thought and can greatly increase our mood and mental health.
  • Get Plenty of Sleep – Not sleeping can lead to many problems both physical and mental. A person who is not sleeping well or not getting enough sleep will feel tired, depressed, and stressed. Abiding by a normal sleep schedule that gives you at least 8 hours per night will refresh your mornings and improve the quality of your daily work.
  • Eat Well – Those who are eating too much unhealthy foods will become stressed, lethargic, and unhappy. Make sure you are not overeating and that the foods you are eating are good for your health. Introduce more wholegrains, fruits, eggs, and nuts into your diet, as they have been proven to aid mental health.
  • Forgive and Move On – Many people who experience declining mental health are refusing to let go of an unpleasant experience that happened in their past. One of the most freeing choices you can make is to forgive someone who has wronged you or to forgive yourself for a mistake you made. Free your spirit from the clutches of bitterness or self hate by forgiving and moving on.
  • Tell Someone – Sharing your problems with someone can be frightening, but it can also be freeing. Confide in a trustworthy friend during your difficult times. Even if your friend does not give you any life-changing advice, you will still feel more at peace after having talked through the issues aloud.
  • Help Others –A great way to take focus off self, thereby decreasing stress and depression, is to help others. Be a listening ear for another; pay attention to the needs of those around you and help provide for them. Doing so can improve your overall health and give you joy and peace.
  • Take Time to Laugh – Laughing decreases pain and relaxes muscles. The more you smile and laugh, the less stress you will feel. Create situations that give you joy, and do not be afraid to unwind.
  • Talk to a Professional – If you are dealing with mental health issues that you are unable to solve, seek professional help. Seeking help does not mean you have failed to conquer depression on your own—it is a purposeful step closer to being victorious.

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