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Due to the size and weight of large trucks, semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, big rigs, and 18-wheelers, trucking accidents are on average much more serious and much more catastrophic than regular car accidents. Further, with San Antonio serving as a sort of central hub for Texas highways and interstates, as well as heavier traffic, its residents are more at risk of being involved in a truck accident than residents of other cities.

If you have been involved in an accident involving a large truck and you wish to seek fair compensation for your injuries, it is essential that you speak with a truck accident lawyer in San Antonio immediately. Call Thomas J. Henry Law now. Our injury lawyers can help right away with any property damage and getting your car fixed, dealing with the insurance company, gathering evidence, organizing your medical bills, and even advancing living expenses on qualified cases. Contact our office today to start your free consultation.

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Common Causes of San Antonio Truck Accidents

Just like car accidents, truck accidents can have a variety of causes, and a single crash may involve multiple instances of negligence. A successful San Antonio truck accident lawyer will be able to identify all causes as well as understand how Texas laws and San Antonio city ordinances may affect the value of your claim.

Some causes your attorney may consider when investigating potential accident causes and developing your case are:

  • Poor or improper training
  • Distracted driving
  • Driver fatigue
  • Drowsy driving
  • Poor vehicle or equipment maintenance
  • Speeding
  • Erratic or reckless driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Unsafe following distance
  • Improper lane change

It is important that your attorney and their team look at every angle of your accident to ensure all negligence and fault is accounted for. This best ensures a favorable outcome for your case while also setting you up to receive maximum financial compensation for your injuries and damages.

Where do Most San Antonio Trucking Accidents Occur?

Trucking accidents can occur anywhere normal car crashes occur. However, due to the nature of commercial trucking, they do tend to be more common on major highways and interstates. This includes:

  • Interstate 10 – Interstate 10 runs right through the heart of San Antonio and is a major transportation route for trucks moving goods and products between East and West Texas and beyond. Further, because I-10 runs alongside the Alamodome and through downtown San Antonio, the highway can become congested. As traffic slows, truck drivers who are distracted, fatigued, or speeding are at an increased risk of causing rear-end collision, one of the most common crash types associated with large trucks.
  • Interstate 37 – I-37 is the main roadway for commercial trucks traveling between San Antonio and Corpus Christi. Like I-10, traffic can become congested, particularly in northbound lanes entering San Antonio. I-37 is also utilized by residents of the Coastal Bend visiting San Antonio. If you are from Corpus Christi or a nearby community and you were injured in a trucking accident while traveling to our from San Antonio, we have trucking accident lawyers in Corpus Christi available to assist you.
  • Interstate 35 – Also called the PanAm Expressway, Interstate 35 runs southwest to Laredo and serves as a transportation line for goods and products coming in from Mexico. It also runs northbound out of San Antonio through Austin all the way up to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Traffic can become especially congested between San Antonio and Austin. For this reason, If you are an Austin resident injured in a truck accident along I-35, do not hesitate to reach out to our Austin truck accident attorneys for assistance.
  • 410 Loop – Loop 410, also called the Connally Loop, is a beltway that wraps around San Antonio, allow for a more direct line of traffic to the different areas of the city. Commercial trucks use the same beltway to reach locations throughout San Antonio and surrounding communities.

Determining Fault in a San Antonio Trucking Accident

Following a San Antonio truck accident, it is important you are able to demonstrate fault if you wish to make a full financial recovery. This can be difficult as multiple parties may be at fault for a single truck crash, including the truck driver, the driver’s employer, and the manufacturer of the truck and its parts.

It is also important to remember that Texas follows a “modified comparative fault” rule when it comes to traffic accidents. This means even if you are partly responsible for a trucking accident, you can still receive compensation provided it is determined the other parties involved collectively share more than 50% of the fault for your accident and injuries.

A competent truck accident in San Antonio will take the necessary steps to collect evidence related to your accident and work to determine who can be held responsible for your injuries – whether it is a single person or a collection of negligent parties.

The truck accident attorneys at Thomas J. Henry Law have represented trucking accident victims for more than 25 years, achieving record-breaking verdicts, settlements, and judgments on behalf of their clients. We explore every avenue possible to ensure you are able to receive maximum compensation for your injuries and to ensure all parties responsible for your injuries are brought to justice.

Damages You May Recover in Your Trucking Accident Lawsuit

The damages you are entitled to following a truck accident will depend on the circumstance surrounding your accident and injuries. While damages may vary from case to case, among the most common recovered by truck accident victims are:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Vehicle repair costs
  • Future medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • loss of companionship
  • Loss of consortium
  • Wrongful death

While the above damages are meant to help you recover, you may also be entitled to exemplary damages called punitive damages. Punitive damages are meant to punish the at-fault party for especially reckless behavior while also serving as an example to deter others from behaving in a similar manner.

What to Consider When Hiring a San Antonio Truck Accident Attorney

Following a truck accident, it is essential that you hire an attorney who can help you take on the company involved. Most trucking companies are well-prepared for accident-related claims and lawsuits. They have teams of defense attorneys whose sole job is to limit the company’s liability for a crash and limit any resulting payouts. When you call a trucking accident lawyer in San Antonio, you are taking the first steps towards protecting your rights as a victim and your potential financial recovery.

When choosing an attorney to represent you in your truck accident claim, consider the following:

  • Does the attorney have trial experience? The last thing you want is to end up with an attorney who is in over their head, especially if your case moves on to trial. Make sure your lawyer has significant trial experience and feels at home in the courtroom. You can bet that the lawyers defending the trucking company have argued dozens of cases before judges and jury; you deserve an attorney who has successfully argued even more.
  • Does the attorney have the resources to take on a large company? The trucking industry is big business, and companies will invest that money back defending themselves from lawsuits. Unfortunately, many smaller law firms simply cannot keep up with a well-financed trucking company. Thomas J. Henry Law has the finances, resources, and attorneys to take on the largest companies in the world and has successfully litigated against Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies.
  • Does my attorney have access to top expert witnesses? Expert witnesses have specialized knowledge that can help support your claim as well as demonstrate the extent and value of your damages. Thomas J. Henry Law works with leading expert witnesses from multiple industries in order to help our clients secure maximum compensation.

The Benefit of Hiring an Attorney with a Reputation of Success

Thomas J. Henry Law has built a reputation of achieving record-breaking verdicts in courtrooms throughout Texas. Whan a law firm routinely secures large recoveries for its clients, insurers and defense firms take notice. They may even be deterred from going to trial, deciding the safer option is to settle out of court rather than risk legal fees on a trial that could leave them paying out even more.

With a team of more than 200 experienced attorneys and the best technology and resources available to the legal industry, we can pursue your claim with the aggression and efficiency only the largest personal injury firm in Texas can offer. Additionally, our law firm has the money to meet the trucking company at every turn and can stay strong through trial should it be necessary.

Do not settle for less, call Thomas J. Henry Law to speak with an 18-wheeler accident attorney in San Antonio today. We will take immediate action on your claim while you focus on what is most important: getting better.

Injured in a Trucking Accident? Contact an Experienced San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyer

Trucking accidents can cause various types of severe injuries including neck and back injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, lacerations, internal injuries, and even death. These are serious accidents and require the expertise of a serious injury lawyer. If you or a loved one have been involved in a truck accident in San Antonio, do not risk your claim to compensation. Thomas J. Henry Law has experienced truck accident attorneys in San Antonio ready to assist you 24/7, nights and weekends.

Thomas J. Henry has been named one of the Best San Antonio Lawyers by San Antonio Scene for three consecutive years (2018, 2019, and 2020) and was recognized as the Best Attorney of San Antonio by the San Antonio Current in 2019 and 2020. He is also a lifetime member of Rue Ratings’ “Best Attorneys of America” and his firm, Thomas J. Henry Law, was named one of the Top Law Firms of 2020 by We are committed to the success and satisfaction of our clients, fighting on their behalf so they can focus on their families and physical recovery.

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Your San Antonio Truck Accident Questions Answered

We have straight answers to difficult questions to help you make critical decisions, navigate legal process and help you get justice.

Following a truck accident, there are always more questions than answers. At Thomas J. Henry, we’re here to answer any questions you have about your injury case.

The damages you can claim as part of your truck accident lawsuit depend on the circumstances of your accident and your injuries. Rest assured our San Antonio truck accident attorneys will look at any and all available avenues for compensation. Typically, these may include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of consortium
  • Disfigurement
  • Physical impairment
  • Past and future medical costs
  • Lost wages

If the actions that led to your accident were especially egregious, you may also be able to claim punitive damages. Unlike compensatory damages which are meant to make a plaintiff whole, punitive damages are meant to publish the defendant for particularly reckless or negligent behavior and to send a message to others that such behaviors will not be tolerated.

No. If you want to speak with a truck accident attorney in San Antonio, call Thomas J. Henry Law now. We offer a FREE case consultation to all accident and injury victims, and can even send an attorney directly to you if you are unable to travel to our offices.

In the event you hire our firm, you will pay us nothing unless and until we win your case. This is part of our No Fee Guarantee. Thomas J. Henry Law even offers money advances for qualified cases to help you get back on your feet as we pursue your claim.

Truck drivers operating in and around San Antonio are subject to specialized rules enacted by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act (FMCSA). These rules dictate things like who can operate a commercial truck, the number of consecutive hours a driver can spend behind the wheel, and what kind of maintenance schedule a truck must undergo to be considered safe for the road.

When you hire a San Antonio truck accident lawyer, part of their job will be to check if the truck driver responsible for your accident or the company that employs them was in violation of any of these complex rules and regulations. Failures to comply by these strict rules are not only illegal, they may also strengthen the validity of your claim as well as increase the compensation you may receive.

Yes. If you have lost a loved one in a trucking accident, you can still pursue a claim against the truck driver and the trucking company in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit.

Our truck accident attorneys in San Antonio are well-versed in wrongful death claims and will work diligently to ensure you are properly compensated for your loved ones death.

San Antonio trucking accidents are complicated due to the special rules and laws that help regulate commercial trucking companies and their drivers. These include state and federal requirements on licensing, operations, maintenance, and hours. This is one of the reasons our San Antonio truck accident attorneys work so closely with expert witnesses.

Thomas J. Henry Law has spent decades finding and building professional relationships with the best expert witnesses from all across the country. Expert witnesses that could benefit your trucking accident lawsuit include:

  • Accident Investigation Experts
  • Hazardous Materials Experts
  • FMCSA Compliance Consultants
  • Forensic Engineers
  • Accident Re-constructionists
  • Human Factors Forensic Science Experts (reaction time, fatigue and distracted driving)
  • General Equipment Technical Expert

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