3-Month-Old Baby Dies at a Home Daycare

This past week, a 3-month-old baby boy passed away at a home daycare in Belton, South Carolina.

Details About the Caycare Accident

On Friday afternoon, the baby was swaddled in a blanket and put on his side before suffocating. This daycare was on Youth Center Road.

WNCN reports that the caregiver put the baby in the crib around 11:30 am and checked on him around 1 pm. Then she checked around 2 pm and found the baby had rolled over facing downwards on the plastic mattress.

CPR was performed on the baby until the EMS arrived. The baby was taken to the hospital where he died.

The Anderson County’s coroner’s office has said that the baby died from asphyxiation and has claimed it as an unfortunate accident. Charged are not being filed.

Coroner’s office has said that five children were present at the home and the caregiver is licensed to have six there.

The accident may have been prevented if the infant has been placed on his back to sleep.

Child Care Injury/Accident Information

Every year, thousands of children are injured in child care settings. These injuries vary from minor to severe to fatal.

Unfortunately, the United States does not have federal reporting requirements for fatalities in child care settings; therefore, information is often limited.

Some statistics report the following:

  • Between 1985 and 2003, 1,030 child fatalities occurred in home-based child care setting – this excluds sudden infant death syndrome.
  • 4.2 million non-fatal injuries reported for children ages 1-4 from 2001-2002.
  • In 1996, unintentional childhood injuries cost $66 billion in productivity loss
    • $14 billion in life medical spending
    • $1billion in other resource costs
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