5 Safety Tips to Ensure Good Baby Health

As we close Baby Safety Month, Thomas J. Henry Law would like to offer these five quick safety tips to keep babies safe and in good health.

Top 5 Safety Tips for Baby Safety Month

1. When driving with a young baby, always make sure the car seat has been properly secured and buckled down.

Properly installing and securing a car seat can significantly ensure the safety of a baby and prevent an untimely death or injury in the event of a car crash. There are several guides and tutorials online as well as in-person inspections that can be done to check proper car seat installation.

2. Always place a baby on a firm surface as they sleep in their cribs or beds to keep the baby from getting trapped or choking in their sleep.

While pillows and stuffed animals may seem appealing and comforting for babies in their cribs, items such as these can pose great risks to their health. Ill-fitted bed sheets or soft objects can easily increase chances of suffocation. To ensure baby sleeping safety, make sure to lay a young infant on their backs in their own cribs and with firm, well-fitted bed coverings.

3. Keep the baby’s crib and baby furniture away from windows and other pieces of décor that have the possibility to fall.

A baby crib should be kept away from windows as curtains, blinds, or strings have the possibility of being pulled down onto the baby if pulled. Young babies learning to maneuver around will start to explore their environment with their eyes and hands. While laying in bed or sitting in a high chair, a small potted plant or painting can easily catch a baby’s attention and influence them to pull on the objects. Make sure to keep these kinds of things safely out of reach.

4. Keep your water heater at an optimal temperature (120°F) at all times to avoid accidental burns. 

Many young children and babies suffer from scalding or minor to serious burns due to unintentional mistakes. When giving a baby a bath, always check the water temperature first by making sure the water is warm to touch, not hot. Also, create designated areas for babies that will keep them safe from naturally hot appliances such as stoves or heaters. 

5. Take the time to have up to date smoke alarms and carbon dioxide monitors properly installed in the home. 

The batteries of smoke and carbon dioxide alarms can die out without notice. To avoid this happening before something serious possibly occurs, like a sudden gas leak, make sure the alarms are always working and tested. Keep these alarms in easily heard areas such as near bedrooms. 

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