At Least 21 Injured in Gas Explosion at Fort Worth Hotel

Authorities are investigating a suspected gas explosion that blew out at least two floors of the Sandman Signature Fort Worth Hotel on Monday afternoon. At least 21 people are reported to have been injured in the blast.

About the Fort Worth Hotel Explosion

According to CNN, an explosion was reported at the Sandman Signature Fort Worth Hotel, located in the 800 block of Houston Street in downtown Fort Worth, at around 3:45 p.m.

The Fort Worth Fire Department is currently leading the investigation into the explosion but has not confirmed the cause of the blast. However, the ATF said they believe the explosion was caused by natural gas.

At least 21 injuries were reported by MedStar Ambulance. Of those, one patient suffered critical injuries and four patients suffered serious injuries. At least nine individuals were hospitalized. 

The Fort Worth Fire Department has firefighters inside the building searching for any survivors who may be trapped. Once search and rescue efforts are complete, officials will assess the stability of the building.

Footage from Texas Sky Ranger revealed visible damage to the building’s facade, including shattered glass on the first two floors, as witness accounts described the sound of a loud blast and the initial confusion that followed.

Atmos Energy is working with the fire department to shut off the gas supply to the hotel.

The building holds historic significance for the city of Fort Worth, initially housing the National Bank of Commerce in 1920. The structure underwent restoration in 1985, later becoming the Sandman Signature Fort Worth Downtown Hotel in 2019 after being acquired by Northland Properties.

The CEO of Northland Properties, Tom Gaglardi, is also the owner of the Dallas Stars.

What Causes Gas Explosions?

Gas explosions occur when flammable gases, such as natural gas or propane, encounter an ignition source in a confined space, leading to a sudden release of energy. Several factors contribute to the occurrence of gas explosions:

  • Gas Leaks: Leaks in gas pipelines or faulty connections can lead to the accumulation of gas in enclosed spaces. The concentration of gas needs to reach a certain level to become flammable.
  • Ignition Source: An ignition source is crucial for an explosion. Common sources include open flames, sparks, electrical appliances, or even static electricity. When the concentration of gas meets the ignition source, it can lead to combustion.
  • Confined Space: The presence of a confined space allows the gas to build up, creating a potentially explosive atmosphere. Enclosed areas like buildings, basements, or underground spaces can trap gas, increasing the risk of an explosion.
  • Air-Gas Mixture: For an explosion to occur, the air-gas mixture must be within a specific flammable range. If the concentration of gas is too low or too high, it may not ignite. There is an optimal range where the mixture becomes explosive.
  • Pressure Buildup: In some cases, a sudden increase in gas pressure can contribute to an explosion. This may result from factors such as equipment malfunctions or overheating.

Preventing gas explosions involves regular inspection and maintenance of gas systems, prompt detection and repair of leaks, and ensuring proper ventilation in confined spaces. Additionally, following safety protocols and using explosion-proof equipment can help mitigate the risks associated with gas explosions.

Thomas J. Henry Law Has Experience Handling Gas Explosion Cases

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