Car Accident Lawyer Corpus Christi: Top Five Tips to Prevent an Accident

Driving is an activity that requires a great deal of concentration and situational awareness on your part. While you can possibly recover compensation for your injuries with the help of a car accident lawyer in Corpus Christi, you should do everything you can to avoid getting into one in the first place. Given below are five tips that can help you avoid car accidents.

1. Avoid Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is the single biggest contributing factor to motor vehicle accidents in Texas. Data from the CDC shows that between 2003 and 2012, a total of 13,138 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes in Texas.

Research shows that alcohol tends to slow down your reflexes and make it harder for you to stay focused, which can be extremely dangerous when you are driving a vehicle. So, do not drive – for any reason – if you are drunk.

2. Do Not Get Distracted

Ask any car accident lawyer in Corpus Christi and they will tell you that a significant percentage of the personal injury claims they file are on behalf of clients who were injured in distracted driving accidents.

If you get distracted – even for a brief moment – while driving, the risk of a collision increases to a great extent, especially on congested highways. Experts warn that using a cellphone – to call someone, to text someone, to check your email, or for any other reason – while driving can be particularly dangerous.

3. Avoid Speeding

One of the basic rules of driving is that when you double your speed, your vehicle’s braking distance (the amount of distance your vehicle travels before coming to a complete stop) quadruples. This is why the risk of collisions increases exponentially when you drive at high speed.

Also, a reliable car accident lawyer in Corpus Christi will tell you that one of the easiest ways to establish the liability of a negligent driver is to prove that they were speeding at the time of the accident.

4. Avoid Tailgating

Getting too close to the vehicle in front of you is never a good idea, as it can make it harder for you to stop your car or take evasive actions in the event of an emergency. So, always follow the ‘one car length’ distance rule when you drive.

5. Maintain Your Car Properly

If your car is not in proper working condition, it might malfunction when you are on the road, which can be disastrous. Also, as any car accident lawyer in Corpus Christi can tell you, if you are injured while driving a poorly-maintained car, you might not be able to recover adequate compensation, as the at-fault party might argue that you contributed to the accident by failing to maintain your car properly.

Choose the Best Car Accident Lawyer in Corpus Christi to Represent You

In spite of following the aforementioned rules, you might still get into an accident and injured as a result of another driver’s negligence. If and when it happens, attorney Thomas J. Henry can represent you and fight hard to make sure you are fully compensated for your injuries.

As the largest personal injury law firm in Texas, Thomas J. Henry Law has an unmatched track record that speaks for itself. Call our firm today at (866) 517-5659 or contact us using this online form for a free review of your personal injury case.

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