Conroe Day Care Faces Lawsuit Over “Toddler’s Fight Club” Video

Children’s Universe day care in Conroe, Texas, is being sued by one of the attendee’s mother. The parent was shown a recording of her son in a fight by one of the former employee’s of the day care. The lawsuit accuses the employees of running a “toddler’s fight club.”

Details of the Day Care Lawsuit

Accroding to the Mongomery County Courier, the lawsuit was filed against the caregiver involved in the making of the video recording as well as the owner of the day care, Brook Leax. The mother, Heather Howerton, claims to have not been notified of the incident until days after Leaux notified the authorities of the video’s existence.

The Texas Department of Family Protective Services fined the day care for not notifying the parents of the children who attend the day care. The fact that the video was shot by an employee brings about questions of the morals of the caregivers.

According to the Children’s Universe website, they claim to give full background checks and fingerprint scans to all teachers and caregivers; however, due to the incident, the lawsuit deems that information misleading.

Allegedly, the video made it onto social media at some point, but Leax said that information is false and refused to mention some of the allegations mentioned in the lawsuit. She and her employees have cooperated with all investigators during their questionings.

Day Care Cited Nearly a Dozen Times

Along with failing to communicate with the parents and improper judgment from one of the employees, investigators also discovered that employees were using their cell phones while at work, which is against regulations. In total, the day care has been cited 11 times.

It was discovered that the day care failed, once again, to notify parents of less serious injuries. They were also found to have used prohibited equipment with an infant and to be using broken playground equipment. In the heat of June, the day care did not offer water to children unless they asked for it.

36% of the incidents that were found have been considered to be “high” risk situations.

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