Cooper Recalls 430,000 Truck, SUV Tires for Sidewall Bulges

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. has issued a recall for 430,000 truck and sport utility vehicle tires due to concerns of sidewall bugling and separation that could result in the tires failing and an increased risk of a crash.

Details of the Cooper Tire Recall

According to WHIO TV, the recall covers nine brands, including Cooper, Hercules, Mastercraft and Mickey Thompson, in addition to replacement tires sold through Les Schwab, Pep Boys, and Tire Kingdom.

Coper Tire issued a notice stating “driving at high speeds may cause this condition to occur and should be avoided until the tires have been inspected and replace.” The condition is normally noted by a large bulge developing on the sidewall of affected tires.

The notice also notes that affected models include certain 18- and 20-inch Discoverer, Evolution, Courser, Deegan, Adventure, Hercules, Back Country, Multi-Mile Wild Country and Big O tires. Recalled manufacturers between Feb. 1, 2018 and Dec. 1, 2019.

Tires Included in the Cooper Recalls

  • Big O AT/T Big Foot (275/65R18), Big O Bigfoot A/S (275/65R18)
  • Cooper Adventurer H/T (Pep Boys 275/65R18), Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S (275/65R18), Discoverer A/T3 (275/65R18), Evolution H/T (275/65R18), Discoverer AT3 4S (275/55R20)
  • Hercules Terra Trac A/T II (275/65R18)
  • Les Schwab Back Country QS3 Touring HT (275/65R18), Back Country SQ4 All Terrain (275/65R18)
  • Mastercraft Courser HSX Tour (275/65R18), Courser AXT (275/65R18, 275/55R20), Courser AXT2 (275/65R18, 275/55R20)
  • Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 All-Terrain (275/65R18, 275/55R20)
  • TBC Multi-Mile Wild Country XTX Sport 4S (275/65R18, 275/55R20), Cooper Discoverer RTX (275/65R18)

How To Detect Tire Tread Separation in Defective Tires

  • A common sign of tire tread separation is that the car will begin shaking at a certain speed (most often between 10 mph to 40 mph).
  • This may begin as a small vibration, but as the problem worsens, it may feel as though the whole wheel is shaking side-to-side as though the wheel is not tightly fastened.
  • The first visual indication will be a bubble along the tread or the sidewall of the tire. The bubble will continue to expand and a larger section becomes separated from the tire’s casing.
  • Drivers may also notice a wavy pattern in the tread. The treads of a tire should always align straight and remain parallel. Misaligned tread patterns are an indication that the tread is not properly bonded or is losing hold.
  • If tire tread separation is identified, repair should not be attempted. The only remedy is to replace the tire completely.

What I Should I Do if I Believe My Accident Was the Result of a Defective Tire?

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