Do You Need a Separate Lawyer Whether I Get in a Motorcycle Accident or Car Accident in Texas?

One of the most common ways to get places is by car, and with the number of cars and motorcycles on the road, the chances of getting into an accident increase. Every time you get on the road, you put yourself at risk. So, it is important that you are prepared should you happen to get into an accident while in your car or on your motorcycle, and acknowledging when it may be time for a Texas motorcycle accident attorney to get involved. 

Though both are automobile accidents, the way that a case is handled if a motorcycle is involved might be different than if a car is involved. There are key differences between a car accident and a motorcycle accident that your Texas motorcycle accident attorney must take into account that a Texas car accident attorney would not have to acknowledge.

If you have been in a motorcycle accident, you may want to contact a Texas motorcycle accident attorney rather than a Texas car accident attorney so that you can get the proper representation. It will also give you a better chance of getting a favorable decision once there is a ruling on your case.

Some of the things that a Texas motorcycle accident lawyer will know to look for that a Texas car accident lawyer might not are:

Safety measures available for drivers

Because of the lack of an outer shell around you, as well as airbags, motorcycles are more dangerous to ride than driving in a car. This lack of safety measures can often mean that the driver can be blamed even if the accident was the fault of another party.

Public prejudice against motorcycles

Motorcycles drivers are typically looked at as reckless, and this public perception can affect how your case goes should it end up in court. Your motorcycle accident attorney is more aware of the public perception and how to navigate it than a car accident attorney is. Your attorney can prepare you for a difficult testimony.

Importance of injury documentation/severity of the injury

While documenting the driver’s injuries is important when making a case for a car accident or a motorcycle accident, motorcycle accidents tend to yield more severe injuries because of the lack of built-in safety measures on the vehicle. Spinal injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and amputations are some of the more critical injuries motorcyclists might experience after an accident. Documenting the injuries and keeping medical records from a doctor can be of the utmost importance when your attorney is making your case.

Insurance bias

Since motorcyclists are often viewed as reckless, insurance companies may be quick to blame the driver of the motorcycle for the accident even if it is the fault of the other driver or there was a malfunction with the machine. A Texas motorcycle accident attorney will better be able to deal with the bias from your insurance company and negotiate the compensation than a Texas car accident attorney.

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