Fiery Houston Crash May Be Result of Road Rage

Three people were fortunate to escape a fiery crash in Houston Monday night. Police suspect road rage may have been a factor in the horrific collision.

Details of the Suspected Road Rash Crash

News 4 SA reports the crash happened around 11 pm Monday on Interstate 45 near Edgebrook Drive.

Police said one vehicle cut off another vehicle carrying three people, causing the driver to lose control and slam into a concrete wall. The car then caught on fire.

The three occupants of the crashed vehicle were able to escape as the other vehicle fled the scene. Police are investigating the crash as a road rage incident.

Road Rage Statistics

Road rage is common on U.S. roadways and can greatly increase the risk of collision, putting the angry driver, their passengers, and others on the road at risk.

A 2019 study determined:

  • 82% of drivers in the U.S. admitted to having road rage or driving aggressively in the past year.
  • 59% reported showing anger by honking.
  • 42% reported yelling or cursing at another driver.
  • 38% said they made rude gestures.
  • 7% reported getting out of their vehicle to confront another driver.
  • 6% threw objects.
  • 6% got into physical altercations.
  • 5% sideswiped another vehicle on purpose.
  • 5% bumped or rammed another vehicle on purpose.
  • 5% forced another driver off the road.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports:

  • 467 road rage-related fatal car accidents occurred in 2015, up 500% from the 80 reported in 2006.
  • Most of the deaths related to road rage have been considered deliberate murders.
  • Over a seven-year period, more than 200 murders and 12,000 injuries were attributed to road rage.

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