Fiery Semi-Truck Crash Traps Car, Injures One on North I-35

One person was injured and a fire broke out after an early morning collision between a semi-truck and a sedan on the northbound service road of N I-35 in North Austin on January 4th.

Incident Details

KVUE ABC reports a fiery trucking accident on the northbound I-35 service road near Parmer Lane. Initial reports indicated a car trapped beneath an 18-wheeler, prompting response from Austin Fire Department (AFD) and Austin-Travis County EMS (ATCEMS).

Upon arrival, AFD found the 18-wheeler engulfed in flames. They extinguished the fire while searching for survivors inside both vehicles. Fortunately, all occupants were safely extracted before the flames intensified.

ATCEMS assessed the injured, with one person transported to the hospital for potentially serious injuries. Another declined medical transport. The cause of the accident and extent of damage still remains under investigation.

Stay Safe, Share the Road: Essential Tips for Avoiding Truck Accidents

1. Be aware of truck blind spots: Trucks have much larger blind spots than cars. These are areas around the truck where the driver cannot see you. Avoid driving in these areas, which are typically:

  • On the sides of the truck, from the back of the cab to the front of the trailer. This is the largest blind spot.
  • Directly behind the truck. Trucks can take much longer to stop than cars, so give them plenty of space.
  • In front of the truck, within the first 20 feet. Trucks can take longer to see objects in front of them than cars.

2. Maintain a safe following distance: Because trucks take longer to stop than cars, it’s important to maintain a safe following distance. A good rule of thumb is to allow at least four seconds between your car and the truck ahead of you. In bad weather, increase the following distance to six or eight seconds.

3. Pass trucks safely: If you need to pass a truck, do so only when it is safe and legal. Make sure you have a clear view of the road ahead and that there is no oncoming traffic. Use your turn signal and pass quickly and safely. Don’t linger in the truck’s blind spot.

4. Avoid driving distracted: Distracted driving is a major cause of accidents, including truck accidents. Avoid using your phone, eating, or doing anything else that takes your attention away from the road.

5. Drive cautiously in bad weather: Bad weather can make it more difficult to see and control your vehicle. Slow down and be extra cautious when driving near trucks in bad weather.

6. Report unsafe truck drivers: If you see a truck driver who is driving erratically or unsafely, report them to the authorities.

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