Four Dead, Two Injured in Multi-Vehicle Crash on South State Highway 130

A deadly accident occurred on December 3rd in Southeast Austin, leaving four dead and two injured.

Incident Details

According to CBS Austin, the accident which occurred on South State Highway 130 took the lives of four people on Wednesday afternoon. The incident occurred around 4:15 PM at the intersection of the 10500 block of the service road northbound, near Maha Loop Road.

A commercial dump truck and a car collided at the intersection, resulting in the deaths of the occupants of the car. Emergency responders attempted to revive the victims, but they were pronounced dead at the scene. One additional victim was airlifted to David’s South Austin Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.

The identities of the victims and the cause of the accident are still unknown. The road was closed for several hours while authorities investigated the scene.

Reducing Intersection Accidents in Austin: Tips and Strategies

  1.  Approach with caution and be prepared to stop. Always slow down and be prepared to stop at intersections, regardless of the traffic light or signal. Look out for oncoming traffic, pedestrians, and cyclists, and don’t proceed until it’s safe to do so.
  1.  Obey all traffic laws and signals. This includes coming to a complete stop at red lights and stop signs, following lane markings, and yielding the right of way to pedestrians and other vehicles.
  1.  Avoid distractions. Put away your phone and avoid eating, drinking, or applying makeup while driving. Focus all your attention on the road and the traffic around you.
  1.  Be aware of blind spots. Large vehicles like trucks and buses have large blind spots, so be extra cautious when approaching them at intersections. Adjust your mirrors and use your turn signals to let other drivers know your intentions.
  1.  Don’t tailgate. Tailgating leaves you no room to react if the car in front of you suddenly stops. Maintain a safe following distance of at least three seconds.
  1.  Use your headlights properly. Turn on your headlights during low-light conditions, such as at dawn, dusk, or in bad weather. This will make it easier for other drivers to see you.
  1.  Be extra cautious when turning left. Turning left across traffic is one of the most dangerous maneuvers. Make sure there is no oncoming traffic before turning and watch out for vehicles turning right on a red light.
  1.  Avoid speeding. Speeding increases your stopping distance and makes it more difficult to react to sudden changes in traffic. Obey the posted speed limits and drive at a safe speed for the conditions.
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