How to Avoid Scaffolding Accidents on Construction Sites

Workplace accidents are a reality many construction sites must face. Fortunately, there are steps employers and managers can take to help reduce the risks their employees face on a daily basis. Here‘s how to avoid scaffolding accidents on construction sites.

Always Inspect Scaffolding Before Use

Before using any scaffolding, it is essential that an inspection takes place to ensure that all parts of the equipment are correctly installed and that everything is safe for use. Inspecting the scaffolding includes making sure that the structure is stable and that it meets the requirements for load capacity.

Also, job site management should always check to make sure the scaffolding is free from any power lines, which could lead to electrocution of employees. Electrocution results in roughly 100 deaths a year on construction sites in the U.S. By being aware of power lines, employers can minimize the risk of these injuries.

Safety Training

The first step you should take to minimize the risk of scaffolding accidents is to provide adequate safety training. By giving detailed safety training to all employees, employers and site bosses can ensure that risks are significantly reduced for employees. Along with training, employees should also review all relevant health and safety policies and guidelines for the job at hand. Finally, always ensure employees fully understand the importance of working safely and maneuvering slowly while on scaffolding.

Use the Proper Safety Equipment

In addition to safety training, it is critical that all employees on site use the correct safety equipment while operating on scaffolding. To avoid falls, employees require barrier guards, railings, harnesses, and ropes. Workers should also have any other relevant safety equipment, known as “personal protective equipment” (PPE), such as hard hats or boots with better grip. Always check with the Office of Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines before beginning work.

Stay Organized

To minimize scaffolding accident on construction sites, the final thing you should keep in mind is organization. Staying organized ensures all of the previously listed pieces of advice are maintained, and everyone on the site is safe.  Poorly organized job sites often result in mixed communication between employees and management and easily-avoidable mistakes.

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