More than 100 Crashes Reported Overnight in San Antonio

More than 100 crashes were reported in San Antonio Saturday night as the city struggled with ongoing winter weather conditions.

Icy Roads Lead to Dangerous Traffic Conditions in San Antonio

According to Spectrum Local News, the count ran from about 6 pm Saturday to 1 am Sunday morning. Among the crashes recorded was one involving a fire engine on 1604 and another involving a Bexar County Sheriff’s deputy on Interstate 10.

As a result of weather conditions, law enforcement opted to cut off most overpasses access between Interstate 10 and Interstate 410 at around 8 pm. Still, accidents continued into the early hours of Sunday morning as residents remained on the road.

City officials have continued to advise San Antonians to avoid traveling whenever possible as snow, ice, and freezing temperatures continue city-wide. When travel is necessary, drivers should take extra precautions prior to and during their trips.

Tips for Driving in Icy Conditions

The bottom line is you should never drive on icy roads if at all avoidable. This is the best way to avoid an accident. While it may seem inconvenient to delay your commute or remain at home, it is far less of an inconvenience than being involved in an accident.

However, if you must drive on icy roads or if you find yourself in unexpected icy conditions, follow these safety tips to reduce your risk of collision and injury.

  1. Slow Down: Speeding is the top factor for traffic factors and this is especially true in icy conditions. You should GREATLY reduce your speed when dealing with icy conditions, never exceeding 45 mph in any vehicle when the roads are icy.
  2. Wear Your Seatbelt: This should always be a top priority when getting behind the wheel. All other safety tips below are meant to control your behavior, but you cannot account for the actions of others. A seatbelt will help reduce your risk of injury or death whether your accident was your fault or the fault of another.
  3. Easy on the Breaks: Brake application is a common trigger for slides and loss of control on icy roadways. Additionally, antilock brakes (ABS) do not always work well on ice and snow. Do not slam your breaks and always use a gentle touch, softly pumping the breaks if necessary.
  4. Turn into the Slide: If you do find yourself fishtailing or sliding, gently turn into the slide. This means turning your steering wheel in the direction that the rear of your car is sliding. Look where you want to go, and be careful not to overcorrect.
  5. Avoid Hills and Inclines: If you attempt to tackle too steep of an incline, there is nothing you can do once gravity takes over. Your car will lose traction and you will slide down the incline with no control of speed or direction.

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