Suffered a Premises Liability Accident? Here’s What You Must Do Next

premises liability

With a better understanding of premises liability accidents, it’s important to understand the next steps to take when they occur. This blog from the Texas personal injury attorneys at Thomas J. Henry provides an overview for victims of these accidents. Premises liability is an important part of Texas law as it protects victims of these cases so they can seek compensation for their injuries from the property owner.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

A Texas slip and fall attorney will tell every prospective client to seek medical attention immediately when injured in a premises liability accident. The injuries must be documented properly by a doctor in the emergency room or by your family physician. Proper documentation will ensure that your case is not dismissed in the early stages for a lack of evidence of an injury.

File an Accident Report

Make sure you file an accident report after you have been medically treated. It doesn’t matter where the accident occurred, you need to report it to someone. This can be the store manager, the landlord, the property owner, the management team, or the supervisor of the department where it happened. Make sure someone knows about it.

Document as Much as Possible

You need to document as much information as possible from the accident and do so in writing. Get the names, contact information, and address of everyone you spoke to about the accident or who was involved. Speak to anyone who witnessed the accident and make sure they provide a statement to you or the police if the police were called. If at all possible take pictures of the accident scene to help document the hazards present when you were injured.

Limit Your Conversation

Be sure to limit the conversation you have with the property owner or landlord about the incident. The more you speak with them about the incident the likelier it becomes that you might slip and admit fault or that you were partially at fault for the accident. Do not make a statement to the property owner or landlord either. And never post about the incident on your social media pages. In fact, limit your social media use until the case is complete.

Avoid Speaking with Insurance Companies

Unless it’s your insurance company calling about filing a claim, do not speak to the insurance adjuster on behalf of the property owner. He or she will try to get you to accept a settlement offer, which most often will be well below what you deserve as compensation for your injuries. Instead, consult with an attorney who can handle all of the communication with the insurance adjuster related to the case.

Injured in a Premises Liability Accident? Call Thomas J. Henry Today

If you have suffered an injury of any severity in a Texas premises liability accident, it is in your best interest to consult with an experienced Texas premises liability attorney as soon as possible about your situation. The team from Thomas J. Henry understands the law, monitors the changes, and provides prospective clients with honest assessments regarding their cases. Call our office at 866-517-5659 today to schedule an initial consultation.

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