Texas Leads the Nation in Wrong-Way Car Crashes

According to data from AAA Texas, Texas currently leads the country in crashes involving wrong-way drivers.

Texans Turn to Technology to Curb Deadly Wrong-Way Crashes

According to KXAN, AAA Texas found that Texas not only records more wrong-way crashes than any other state, the number of people killed in these crashes is also rising.

Between 2018 and 2018, Texas saw more than 2,000 deadly wrong-way collisions. Many of these involved drunk drivers.

In an effort to combat the increases in deadly wrong-way crashes, researchers are turning to new technologies that could potentially prevent these collisions. Among them is Melisa Finley with the Texas A&M Transportation Institute.

Finley has been collecting data on wrong-way crashes and drivers for about a decade. She believes at traffic technology continues to progress, systems could target wrong-way drivers inside their vehicles.

One such example was installed by the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority along State Highway 45 Southwest in 2019. Driver detection technology along this highway alerts drivers using flashing lights or through their smart cars.

Since its implementation, 68 instances of wrong-way drivers have been recorded, all but three of whom self-corrected.

What to Do If a Car Is Traveling the Wrong Direction

Seeing an oncoming vehicle barreling down your lane of traffic can be horrifying; however, it is important to remain as calm as possible and take appropriate evasive action.

  1. Remove your foot from the accelerator and begin applying the brakes. Do this quickly, but in a controlled manner. Do not slam on the brakes.
  2. Flash your headlights and blare your horn to catch the oncoming driver’s attention.
  3. Steer to the right of the oncoming vehicle. You may be tempted to move left into oncoming lanes, but if the oncoming driver corrects course, you will collide head-on.
  4. Try to steer into a clear area. Look for a clear shoulder or level terrain.
  5. If necessary, driver off the road. It is better to crash into a ditch than collide with another vehicle head-on.
  6. Call the police and report the driver. Even if you are able to make it through unscathed, your call to the police could save lives further down the road.

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