Three Top Advancements in Cars to Reduce Accidents

reduce car accidents

Did you know that more than 249,000 people were injured in car accidents in the state of Texas during 2018? Millions of accidents occur in the United States, many of which are taking place throughout the state of Texas, leaving people with major injuries. Some people do not survive these accidents because of the severity of their injuries.

While motor vehicle accidents are still happening each day, car manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to add advanced technology to vehicles to reduce the number of accidents that will happen. There are certain advancements that can truly make a difference while making the road much safer for everyone. Thomas J. Henry Law lists three of the top advancements in modern cars to reduce the number of accidents taking place.

Front Collision Alarm

A front collision alarm or warning sound lets drivers know when they are getting too close to a vehicle or person in front of them. The alarm can detect the driver’s speed and the speed of the person who is in front of them, even if that person is on a motorcycle. If the vehicles are too close together and there is a greater risk of a collision happening, the front collision alarm will sound off, making the driver aware of that possibility.

The driver may then decide to slow down a bit to give the vehicle in front of their vehicle some time to get ahead. Without this type of alarm, drivers may end up in accidents where they would need to seek assistance from a Texas personal injury attorney.

Electronic Stability Control

Electronic stability control is an essential feature to have in a vehicle. The purpose of this feature is to help with traction and to prevent a vehicle from sliding out of control. If the vehicle loses grip, it can begin spiraling out of control and it might even end up in front of another lane of traffic where drivers could unintentionally slam right into the vehicle.

With electronic stability control, drivers that begin sliding or losing control of their vehicles will have a bit of extra support to get out of harm’s way while on the road. The Texas auto accident attorney sees a lot of cases that involve vehicles that have spiraled out of control due to a loss of traction and would greatly recommend this feature to anyone who is shopping for a new car.

Rear-View Camera System

Many people like the rear-view camera system in a vehicle because it comes handy when attempting to park. However, there is much more to this system than that. It allows drivers to keep an eye on what is behind them, even in areas that they would not normally be able to see without this camera system. The added visibility provided to drivers can cause a decrease in the number of rear-end collisions that occur on the road.

Injured in an Accident? Thomas J. Henry Law Wants to Hear From You

Now that you are aware of some of the most important advancements in technology that can create a much safer driving experience for everyone, you should look into buying a car that comes equipped with these convenient and beneficial features. If you have already been in a car accident and are looking for legal advice on how to handle the situation, Thomas J. Henry Law would like to help. As the Texas car accident attorney, we want to fight for what is right. Contact us today at 866-517-5659.

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