Three Types of Pharmacy Malpractice

pharmacy malpractice

Did you know that pharmacy malpractice can occur? While most people expect the pharmacists to get it right when it comes to medication, pharmacists can and do make mistakes. Pharmaceutical errors can occur that can cause major problems for those who are directly affected by the mix-up.

When pharmacy malpractice occurs, a Texas pharmacy malpractice lawyer needs to get involved to represent the victim and ensure just compensation is won. Thomas J. Henry Law explains some of the different types of malpractice instances that can occur in a pharmaceutical environment.

Providing a Patient With the Wrong Type of Medication

Unfortunately, when pharmacists are not paying attention or are distracted while filling medication, they could unintentionally put the wrong medication in the container and give it to a patient. When the wrong medication is handed over to a patient and that patient begins taking it, they may experience a broad range of side effects that are problematic.

In addition to dealing with uncomfortable and frustrating side effects associated with using the wrong medication, they would not be treating the condition that they were supposed to take medication for, which can lead to additional health problems for the patient. A medication mix-up can have a lasting negative impact on a person.

Providing the Wrong Dosage Instructions

Providing patients with the right dosage instructions is a must. If not, patients may not take enough medication to help their condition or they might take too much of the medication, which can quickly lead to an overdose situation. If the patient took too much of the medication and ended up hospitalized or with serious health problems because of it, they would need to talk to a Texas medical malpractice attorney to get advice on how to handle the legal situation.

Not Paying Attention to a Patient’s Allergies

Some patients have allergies to certain types of medications. A physician should be aware of the allergies before prescribing any type of medication to a patient. If it is listed in the chart and a pharmacist still gives the patient that medication, the patient could end up suffering from a severe and life-threatening allergic reaction that lands the patient in the hospital. The patient’s throat may begin closing and he or she could start to experience other side effects, including blurred vision, irritation, rash, and more. The patient might not realize why they are having such a serious reaction to the medication at first.

Are You a Victim of Pharmacy Malpractice? Get in Touch with Thomas J. Henry Law

Have you sustained injuries as a result of a pharmaceutical mistake? Something may have happened at the pharmacy that caused you to take the wrong type of medication. No matter what happened, if mistakes were made on behalf of the pharmacists, you can file a lawsuit with assistance from a Texas personal injury attorney.

Here at Thomas J. Henry Law, we will go over the situation with you, gather evidence to support any claims made, and then seek legal action against the pharmacist and/or the pharmacy for the errors that were made. Consult with us by calling our law office at 866-517-5659.

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