The 3 Busiest Highways and Interstates with the Worst Traffic in Texas, USA

busiest roadways in texas

When you are a resident of Texas who drives quite often to get to different destinations, including work, shopping centers, and doctor’s appointments, you may know which roadways are the absolute busiest. If you do not know which roads, highways, or interstates in Texas have the highest rate of traffic, Thomas J. Henry Law provides a list of the top three busiest roadways in the state of Texas and the reasons why you might need a Texas car accident attorney if you get into an accident on one of these roadways.

W Loop Freeway / IH 610

Interstate 610 runs for 38 miles and is found in Harris County. While it runs for 38 miles, there is a specific loop known as the West Loop that starts at Highway 290 and ends at the South Post Oak Road where the South Loop would begin. It is the busiest intersection in all of Texas. The congested roads often lead to major delays that cause frustration for drivers.

When a road is so heavily congested with hundreds of different vehicles, including large trucks, there is a greater chance of an accident happening. If an accident were to happen on this road, a Texas personal injury attorney may need to get involved in helping victims with attempts to recover compensation. Victims of car accidents can sustain some of the worst injuries that would require them to take time away from work while they focus on recovering.

IH 35

Interstate 35 is a large highway that stretches out throughout several states. It is found in Laredo, Texas. Over the past decade, there has been an increasing amount of traffic on Interstate 35. Because of the uptick in traffic, the Texas Department of Transportation has planned numerous construction projects designed to provide more space and safer roadways for all drivers. Even so, this roadway is still known for being the second most congested roadway in all of Texas.

Southwest Freeway / IH 59

The Southwest Freeway, known as IH 59, is found in Wharton County, Texas. Development continues to improve the roadway and to create more space for motorists. The speed limit for most of this stretch of the road is 75 miles per hour. Although this is quite normal for a freeway, the increasing speeds and the amount of congestion on the roads can quickly lead to accidents that would result in serious injuries. Those involved in accidents on this stretch of the road would likely need to seek help from a Texas personal injury attorney.

Involved in an Accident on a Busy Roadway? Thomas J. Henry Law is Here to Help

Did you happen to get into an accident while driving along one of the busiest highways or roads in the state of Texas or across America? Unfortunately, busier roadways are riskier because there are more drivers and vehicles on the road, which means the chances of an accident happening are much greater. Although the Texas Department of Transportation is taking the right steps to make changes to help motorists on highways in Texas, those changes take time to complete.

In the meantime, if you were injured in a motor vehicle accident on one of the interstates in Texas, you need to talk to an auto accident attorney about your situation. At Thomas J. Henry Law, we are here to help victims who would like to be compensated for damages. Our firm has offices in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas serving clients across Texas and nationwide. If you are interested in finding out what we can do for you, call our office at 866-517-5659.

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