Who to Call After a Car Accident?

Car accidents are confusing, chaotic, and stressful. This is especially true if the car accident is not your fault. The moments that follow a crash are crucial, both for ensuring the safety of those involved as well as documenting the crash and gathering evidence. Knowing who to call will help you get the treatment you need and the compensation you deserve.

If Someone is Injured a Car Crash, Call 911

Your top priority after a car crash should be your health and the health of your passengers. Assess yourself and others for injuries. If any significant injuries are suspected, call 911 and request an ambulance. You may also decide to visit an emergency room or an urgent care center.

This does not mean you should neglect minor injuries. Make sure you follow up with a physician for any pain or discomfort as soon as possible. Pain is not always immediate after a crash, and symptoms of an injury may not be obvious for days or even weeks after an accident.

Report the Crash to Authorities

Texas law requires you to report any collision that involves injury, death, or damage to a vehicle that makes the vehicle unsafe to drive. Because this statute requires you to contact authorities by the “quickest means of communication,” you should call 911 to file your report.

Once they arrive at the scene, officers will investigate the crash and write up a report of the incident. This report may help you if you chose to file a personal injury claim for the injuries and damages you have suffered.

If your crash was less serious, you may not need to make an immediate report of your crash. Still, the law does require you to file an accident report in 10 days if there was property damage in excess of $1,000. Be sure to detail any delayed pain or injuries in your accident report. Accident reports can also be beneficial in personal injury claims.

Call a Reputable Car Accident Attorney

After dealing with the immediate aftermath of the crash, you should call a reputable attorney to discuss your crash and legal options. Car accident victims have rights that are protected by law. However, you may inadvertently give up these rights when speaking to the other driver’s insurance.

Recorded statements, evidence, and signed documents you give to the insurance company can all be used against you. An experienced car accident attorney can help you navigate these pitfalls. They can also assist you throughout the claims process, building your case for maximum compensation.

What Will Happen When I Call a Car Accident Lawyer?

The first thing an attorney will do is evaluate your claim. At Thomas J. Henry Law, we offer free case reviews to all injured victims. If you chose to hire an attorney after that, your road to recovery begins.

With the help of your attorney, you will file a claim with the responsible driver’s insurance company. Texas law requires all drivers to carry auto insurance to cover injuries and property damage. However, some insurers may try to challenge your claim by:

  • Disputing fault
  • Blaming you for the crash
  • Downplaying the extent of your injuries

Your attorney will make sure your crash and injuries are properly documented so you can prove your damages.

What if I Large Truck or 18-Wheeler Hit Me?

Crashes involving large trucks and 18-wheelers are much more likely to result in severe injuries and property damages than crashes with regular passenger vehicles. This means if you are hit by an 18-wheeler, you will likely need to call 911 so police and an ambulance can respond to the scene.

This is also a situation will you will definitely need to get in touch with a Texas truck accident attorney.

Accidents involving trucks and 18-wheelers are much more complicated than regular crashes. Truck drivers and their employers are subject to additional rules and laws that do not apply to regular motorists. This means there is much more to consider when determining fault and filing your claim.

There is also the question of who is actually responsible for your crash. Under Texas law, both the truck driver and the company that employs them may share fault for your accident. As such, you would need to seek compensation from both parties.

Attorneys who handle truck accident claims are well-versed in the laws that affect transportation companies and their lawyers. They can also help level the playing field as most truck companies employ lawyers of their own.

Injured in a Crash? Get the Help You Need

If you were involved in a crash, get a knowledgeable attorney to help you with your claim and potential litigation. Thomas J. Henry Law can help you understand your rights and the options available to you after a crash. We can also guide you through the claims process while building your claim for maximum compensation. Should your case not settle, we will be ready to take your claim to trial.

Start your free consultation now with a Texas car accident attorney.

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