How to Avoid Wrong-Way Drivers

With another wrong-way driving accident in San Antonio killing two people earlier this week, officials begin to reflect on what steps have been and can be taken to prevent wrong-way driving accidents.

Department of Transportation Combats Wrong-Way Drivers in San Antonio

“We are gradually expanding the program, but it’s going to be a few years before we actually target all of our signs.” – Laura Lopez, Texas Department of Transportation.

  • Less than a year ago, the Texas Department of Transportation took efforts to reduce the number of wrong-way drivers by incorporating new technology.
  • Flashing signs and lights have been installed to warn drivers they are traveling the wrong way.
  • New radar sensors have been installed that alert authorities in the event of a wrong-way driver traveling on the road.
  • Since the new technology was installed, officials report that incidents of wrong-way driving have fallen by 30 percent along U.S. 281 from downtown San Antonio to Loop 1604.

Tips to Avoid Wrong-Way Drivers and Wrong-Way Driving

Provided by the Safe America Foundaiton.

  1. Stay in the right lane – most wrong-way drivers are impaired and immediately move to the left lane as they perceive it as the right (slow) lane.
  2. Stay alert – in most cases, there will not be much time to react. Drivers tend to only look 300 feet in front of them; it is possible to look up to a quarter mile giving you more reaction time.
  3. Show your intentions – when attempting to avoid a wrong-way driver, try to signal direction changes. Most wrong-way drivers are impaired, sleepy, or inexperienced and are easily startled.
  4. Buckle up – while this may not help you avoid a wrong-way driving situation, it can increase your chances of surviving.
  5. Alert authorities – if you witness a wrong-way driver, pull over as soon as possible and notify the police.
  6. What color are reflectors on the road? – many cities do not have flashing signals, but most reflectors are dual colored.  When travelling the wrong way, reflectors on the road will appear red, not the usual white or yellow.
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