San Antonio Law Firm Accused of Barratry

According to the KSAT, two San Antonio law firms are set to meet in court in connection to barratry allegations.

Two Prominent San Antonio Firms to Meet in Court

  • With new laws on the state’s books regarding the act of barratry less than a year old, Texas is already seeing some sparks fly.
  • Two prominent San Antonio firms will actually meet in court over the matter of plaintiffs claiming they were victims of barratry by a San Antonio law firm.
  • Barratry, also known as case running or ambulance chasing, is the act of illegally soliciting business from victims. Oftentimes the lawyer isn’t the one committing the act, as they will work with non-lawyers, often paying them, to do the solicitation on their behalf.
  • The law promises a $10,000 collection plus legal fees and other damages to any victim who successfully proves they were illegally solicited.

A Former Coworker Sues San Antonio Law Firm

  • One of the plaintiffs in the suit, Debbie Suarez, actually worked for the defendant’s law firm.
  • The former employee claims she was asked by the managing attorney to go solicit a client.
  • Another victim claims that, after she was in a car accident, the mechanic at her body shop advised her to contact the same firm.
Defendant Firm Denies Allegations
  • For their part, the accused firm is claiming innocence. They point to the hundreds of thousands of dollars they spent on advertising and an otherwise spotless legal career.
  • One angle they are looking to draw attention to is the idea that Ms. Suarez is a disgruntled former employee looking to hurt their reputation and collect an easy check.
  • The judge has not ruled yet on this case.
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A lawyer, service provider, or health care provider who is willing to break the law by committing a felony or misdemeanor is also willing to ruin your case or take your money. Whether your case has settled or not, contact Thomas J. Henry to understand your legal rights. We represent clients/victims all over the country.

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