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Gas Explosion Accidents

 Investigating Gas Explosion Accidents

Gas explosions are the result of a dangerous mixture of volatile chemicals, high levels or pressure, and a heat source. They can lead to overwhelming amounts of property damage as well as serious injuries, including burn injuries, back injuries and head injuries and even death.


In order to understand how a gas explosion occurred, investigators must first determine the source of the leak. Whether the leak is from a common house hold appliance or an underground pipeline, the leak is wear the danger begins.

As the gas is leaked into the air, it begins to mix with other common chemicals, like oxygen and carbon dioxide. Once the gas to air ratio reaches the critical point between the Low Explosion Limit (LEL) and High Explosion Limit (HEL) ,any flame, spark, or sufficient heat source (like a cigarette) can cause the mixture to ignite.

Once ignited, the gas begins to react, rapidly expanding and building pressure until a portion of whatever is confining the gas gives (i.e. a building’s windows). The result of the sudden release of pressure is a loud crash and a violent explosion.

Gas explosions can devastate homes and property and often cause serious injury and death to those near the explosion site.

  • Faulty piping
  • Defectively maintained piping
  • Negligent maintenance
  • Damaged meters or regulators
  • Defective control valves or connectors
  • Digging or excavation near an existing pipeline

Gas explosions can be caused by a number of factors- including negligence. And when investigations prove that a fatal accident may have been preventable, families may choose to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against responsible parties. Examples below:

  • Walnut Creek Industrial Explosion
    • The California pipeline explosion killed 5 workers and seriously injured a number of others.
    • A $90 million settlement was reached in the case
  • 2007 Cleburne Plant Explosion
    • The plant explosion resulted in the death of a worker. A jury found the company that constructed the plant liable.
    • A Texas jury awarded $82.5 million to the victim’s family
  • 2001 Montgomery County Apartment Complex Explosion –
    • Six people were killed and another six were injured in the 2001 explosion at a Pennsylvania apartment complex.
    • A $40.5 Million Settlement was reached on behalf of the victims and their families.
  • Laclede Gas Explosion
    • One person was killed and another was injured when a house exploded in Missouri.
    • The 20-year-old victims family was awarded $4.5 Million in a wrongful death lawsuit.


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