Horrific Alabama Fire Destroys Over 30 Boats and Kills 8 People

An Alabama dock was set ablaze in Scottsboro this past Monday, January 27, resulting significant damage and multiple deaths.

About the Fatal Alabama Fire

According to USA Today, Alabama authorities say many people fled into the Tennessee River to avoid the fire consuming the docks. The Scottsboro fire chief, Gene Necklaus, horrifyingly reported he could hear the screams of people caught in the awful incident.

Eight people who were believed to be missing were found to be deceased. Emergency personnel are currently still searching the scene and could potentially find more people who lost their lives to the fire.

35 boats in total were engulfed by the flames. Several of the boats belonged to people and served as their primary homes or prizes rather than for entertainment purposes. Many boats sank or drifted off before sinking.

Fortunately, several people were rescued from the waters and transported to the hospital for treatment due to hypothermia.

Witnesses Describe the Fires and Aftermath

Mandy Durham, who along with her boyfriend was a passenger on one of the boats, recalls waking up to loud yelling and popping noises before seeing red through their windows. Durham and her boyfriend’s only escape was through the water

Julie Jackson, along with her husband and child, was another boat owner who said she could hear nothing but loud crackling sounds and the shouts of people yelling, “Help Me.”

Burn Injury Statistics

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  • In 2016, 486,000 people suffered burn injuries requiring medical attention.
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  • 3,275 people died due to fire or smoke inhalation.
    • Residential fires — 2,745 deaths
    • Vehicle crash fires — 310 deaths
    • Other sources — 220 deaths
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