Lawsuit Claims California Cops Cause Miscarriage After Stomping Black Woman’s Stomach 

A woman has filed a lawsuit claiming she was viciously stomped in the stomach by police officers while pregnant following a traffic stop last June. The lawsuit alleges the incident resulted in her suffering a miscarriage.

Lawsuit Claims At Least One Boot Print Left on Plaintiff’s Stomach

An African American woman from California who was pregnant and suddenly miscarried puts the blame on officers after altercations at a traffic stop. The woman alleges that San Leandro officers stomped on her stomach, causing the death of her unborn baby last June.

KIRO 7 reports she is now filing for a lawsuit against the law department.

The incident occurred June 7, 2019 according to the lawsuit documents of Emerald Black, the woman who claims to have been victimized. She and her fiance were pulled over by authorities while driving back from a medical facility with wrong registration tags. Despite Ms. Black being dressed in hospital attire, she was asked to exit the vehicle. When asking permission to stay seated in the car due to being visibly pregnant, she claims to have been roughly pulled out of her vehicle by officers, stomped on the stomach, and arrested.

The lawsuit suggest Black was stomped on with such force that a boot print was left on her stomach. The horrific force of the incident led to Black suffering a miscarriage soon after.

Black’s attorney, Patrick Buelna defends the fact that she did no wrong and was wrongfully acted against. Yet, the San Leandro city manager Eric Engelbart plans to stand against the lawsuit at all costs.

Details of the Lawsuit

  • The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California on May 25, 2020.
  • The lawsuit claims that the San Leandro police officers involved in the incident used unreasonable and excessive force, and falsely arrested Black without reasonable suspicion or probable cause.
  • Damages sought in the lawsuit include physical injury, loss of wages, emotional distress, fear, terror, anxiety, humiliation, and a loss of sense of security, dignity, and pride as a United States Citizen.

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