Multiple Deaths Linked to Mold Infections at Seattle Children’s Hospital

At least six deaths have been linked to infections from mold discovered in operating rooms at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Deadly Mold Infections Linked to Hospital’s Air Handling Systems

According to KOMO News, Seattle Children’s Hospital Dr. Jeff Sperring has revealed that five additional deaths have been linked to an ongoing investigation of deadly mold infections at the hospital.

Reports reveal that between 2001 and 2014, seven children developed infections related to an Aspergillus mold infestation resulting in the deaths of five of those children. These deaths are in addition to seven infections and one death recorded since summer 2018.

In a prepared statement, Dr. Sperring stated that the infections were initially thought to be isolated incidents, but an investigation revealed that the infections were most likely linked to the air handling systems in the hospital’s operating rooms failing to properly remove the dangerous mold.

The hospital is in the process of installing a new rooftop air handler in addition to new, custom-built high-efficiency particulate air filters. The new filters will be installed in all of its operating rooms and adjacent supply areas.

Pending completion of the project, Seattle Children’s Hospital will perform surgeries at partner hospitals, including Harborview, Swedish, UW Medical Center and Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital.

What is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice occurs when an individual suffers injury or death due to negligence or incompetence on the part of a medical professional. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, medical errors cause approximately 250,000 deaths each year in the United States — only heart disease and cancer claim more lives each year than medical errors. In addition, medical malpractice often leads to significant injuries which can leave survivors with life-altering disabilities and disfigurements.

Among the most common forms of malpractice observed in the medical community are:

  • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis — When a doctor makes an incorrect diagnosis, misses a diagnosis, or makes a delayed diagnosis, the recommended treatment may no longer be an effective option for the patient.
  • Childbirth injuries — Negligence from a physician or nurse can occur before, during, or after childbirth that causes injury to the infant or mother.
  • Medication errors — An incorrect dosage or method of administration are just two kinds of negligent medication mistakes that can cause serious harm.
  • Anesthesia errors — Errors by an anesthesiologist, such as failing to monitor vital signs or administering too much medication, oftentimes lead to fatal consequences.
  • Surgery errors — Negligence can occur before, during, or after surgery and leave patients with infections and other complications.

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