Things to Consider When Leaving Children Home Alone

U.S. News Report and World Report provides some useful tips to consider if your child is left home alone unattended or by themselves.

Safety Steps for Home Alone Children

The American Red Cross suggests many helpful strategies for keeping younger children (of legal age) safe in their primary residences. Among these include:

  • Constant check-ins through messaging or phone calls
  • Keeping an emergency list of contacts readily available
  • Concealing dangerous items away from children’s reach (weapons, prescriptions, power tools, etc.)
  • Teach children emergency routes and plans
  • Educate children on keeping doors locked and not answering to strangers
  • Maintain working equipment such as smoke alarms
  • Use safety covers over outlets
  • Leave money for emergencies

Alternatives to Leaving Children Home Alone

The legal age to leave a child alone varies from state to state. Most ages vary from 8 to 14 years. There are several other options to consider if leaving a child alone is out of the question.

Extracurricular after school programs or youth clubs in centers such as churches allow you to keep your child under safe supervision and know where they are at all times.

Other options include professional babysitters or nannies, daycare centers, or even family members houses. There are many government funded and non profit programs such as the Children of America or Child Care Assistance Program that are more than willing to assist caretakers in finding child care help.

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