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How to Protect Your Children From Daycare Abuse

Beyond basic physical needs, all of us have a strong need for safety and need a place where we can always feel safe. When seeking child care for our children, this is the top priority. Unfortunately, not a day goes by anymore without hearing about a case of daycare abuse or suspected abuse being reported and investigated by the authorities. Daycare abuse is an issue that must be addressed and parents of children already in daycare or will be going into daycare need to be knowledgeable about how to ensure daycare safety. Daycare abuse has a significant and negative impact on the children subjected to the abuse.

Avoiding Daycare Abuse

The characteristics of daycare abuse stretch from neglect on one end of the spectrum to physical or sexual abuse on the other end. There are several warning signs that parents should look out for if they suspect that their child may be the victim of some type of abuse. Physical signs of abuse may not have as significant long-term damage to the child as psychological signs, but are usually the easiest to detect. Physical signs can include cuts and bruises. Bruising around the wrists, ankles, neck, or buttocks are red flag areas, as these are not areas usually bruised in normal childhood falls. If you suspect child daycare abuse do not hesitate to contact a daycare abuse lawyer.

There are also psychological signs of daycare abuse to keep an eye out for in the daycare setting. Simply put, changes in behavior are significant in showing that the child is being subjected to some sort of emotional abuse. Examples include:

  • Mood changes – a previously outgoing child suddenly becomes shy and withdrawn.
  • Fear or crying in response to an innocent hand gesture (think “give me a high five”).
  • Age-inappropriate knowledge or interest in sexual matters should not be ignored.

The Need for Daycare Safety

Daycare providers have a big legal responsibility to provide the safest possible environment for the children under their care. Under Texas State Law, having a properly trained staff is part of this responsibility. Keeping your child safe from daycare abuse is at the cornerstone of this responsibility.

Consulting A Daycare Abuse Lawyer

Beyond the obvious physical damage that can be inflicted on the child, continued daycare abuse can result in the child developing a permanent psychological disorder. If daycare abuse is suspected after talking to your child, a consultation with a daycare abuse lawyer should be your next step.

Fighting Child Daycare Abuse

Child daycare abuse is serious business. At the Thomas J. Henry law firm, we have zero tolerance for any child abuse and deal with it aggressively. As the largest personal injury law firm in Texas, the Thomas J. Henry law firm has the experience, the expertise, and determination to get their clients the large settlements, verdicts and the justice they deserve. Call Thomas J. Henry today at 361-221-5053.

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