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3M Military Earplug Guide: What We Know So Far

As with most large product liability lawsuits, there are a lot of questions and confusion surrounding 3M military earplugs, their defect, who is affected, and how to file a claim for financial compensation.

Personal Injury

texas personal injury lawyer

Don’t Go It Alone: Why You Should Always Hire a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

While a lawyer might not always be a necessity, they are an affordable option in comparison to the alternative, and they offer their services at a lower cost than what many people may realize. In today’s article, we will demonstrate why you should always hire a Texas personal injury lawyer to represent you in legal matters.

Man in Critical Condition After Scooter Fall in East Austin

A man has been hospitalized in critical condition after falling from an electric scooter in East Austin.

compensation claims

Ways A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help with Compensation Claims

Workers’ Compensation Laws vary from state to state, but all 50 states offer workers’ compensation coverage for workers injured on the job. Whether or not the employer does purchase coverage, what’s an injured worker to do? Let’s explore some ways a personal injury attorney can help with compensation claims.

Automobile Accidents

Corpus Christi Injury Lawyers

2 Texas Responders Lose Life in Icy Crash

Two Texas emergency responders lost their lives to a tragic crash while responding to an emergency call in Lubbock, Texas.

texas auto insurance increase

Texas Auto Insurer Sees Rate Increase: What Does it Mean For You?

Concerned about being compensated after a car accident? The premier Texas personal injury attorneys from Thomas J. Henry Law explain the rate increase in today’s post.

Damaged car from an accident with responding ambulance

Two Small Children Survive as Fatal Crash Leads to the Death of their Mother

A mother of two who was driving her kids in far Southeast Oklahoma City died in a single-car wreck which made her car slammed into a power pole.

Trucking Accidents

3 Dead, 14 Injured in Indiana Trucking Accident

On Sunday, a semi-truck accident caused the deaths of three people and injury of over a dozen others after a trucker plowed into a slow traffic Interstate in Indiana.

18-Wheeler Truck Wreckage on US 59 from Sleeping Driver

The US Highway 59 South faced a major delay Friday morning, December 27, in Diboll, Texas due to a truck crash.

18-Wheeler Slams into Accident Scene in Texas

A dramatic video partially captured a multi-vehicle pileup in Texas, including footage of an 18-wheeler slamming  into the scene of the accident.

Workplace Accidents

Authorities Report Man Killed in Construction Incident

The Chicago Tribune announced the untimely death of a Lowell man from a work-related construction accident on Wednesday December 4, 2019.

Damaged car from an accident with responding ambulance

Construction Worker Killed in San Antonio Hit-and-Run

A 29-year-old construction worker was killed Thursday morning when she was struck by a vehicle while working on the in a construction zone along 1604 near Hausman. The adverse driver fled the scene.

crane accident

Who is at Fault in My Crane Accident?

One of the most tragic accidents that can happen on a construction site is a crane accident. These accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries, death and millions of dollars in property damage.

Child Injuries

Daycare Worker Abuse Towards Young Infant

A Florida daycare worker was charged with abusing a very young baby after doctors observed symptoms associated with shaken baby syndrome.

Miami Daycare Worker Accused of Violently Shaking 11-Month-old 

In Miami, a daycare worker was arrested for allegedly mistreating a child who was under her care.

Child Abuse Under Daycare Worker Supervision Leads to Detainment

Nassau County Police of Long Island, New York confirmed the arrest of a 19-year-old daycare worker who allegedly left a young child in scalding hot bath water.

Product Liability & Recalls

frozen chicken fried rice recall

Are You Eating Plastic? Frozen Chicken Fried Rice Recalled After Upsetting Discovery

Over 172,000 pounds of frozen chicken fried rice have been recalled by a Mississippi company in November 2019. Here’s what was discovered.

pork recall

Over 500,000 Pounds of Pork Recalled In Shocking Revelation

A recall was issued towards the end of November for more than 500,000 pounds of pork after an anonymous tip revealed that the pork was never inspected.

Emergency Braking Problem Leads to Mazda3 Recalls

Around 35,000 Mazda3 hatchbacks and sedans faced an emergency braking system recall beginning last month.

Dangerous Drugs & Devices

SynchroMed Pain Pump Recalled by Medtronic

Medtronic’s implantable SynchroMed II drug pumps were issued a Class 1 recall by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Massive Breast Implant Recall Linked to Cancer

Some textured breast implants have been recalled after being linked to a rare cancer.

Wellness: Questions to Ask When Prescribed a New Medication

Talking about a newly prescribed drug with your healthcare provider can sometimes be daunting, but it is important. To help guide patients with this task, Thomas J. Henry has provided a list of questions to ask when confronted with a new prescription.

Safety Tips

Sports Safety Tips for Kids

Playing sports is a fun way for children to exercise, meet new friends, and create mental and physical skills, but sports can also be dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken.

Free Alternatives to Drunk Driving This New Year’s Eve

Businesses in Corpus Christi, Austin, and San Antonio are going out of their way this New Year’s Eve to ensure revelers make the right decision by offering potentially intoxicated drivers free rides home. Some of the businesses will even tow your car home with you!

Top 12 Christmas Safety Tips

There are many safety hazards which could lead to a less than magical holiday season! Follow these guidelines to avoid common holiday accidents.


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