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Couple Awarded $11.5M in Malpractice Lawsuit over Childbirth Complications

three surgeons in scrubs examining patient and performing surgery

According to the Omaha World-Herald, a jury in Douglas County, Nebraska, awarded a couple $11.5 million after a medical malpractice suit claimed hospital staff caused severe brain damage to the couple’s child during birth.

Hospital Claimed no Wrongdoing or Failure by Staff

The malpractice lawsuit argued that the hospital staff grossly mismanaged the delivery of the child. The family’s attorney says breathing problems occurred and were not addressed, causing significant damage to the baby’s brain. In addition, the lawsuit alleges improper use of forceps that caused permanent brain damage, leaving the child disabled.

The family attorney says the fact that the child’s electronic records were tampered with also played a key role in the jury’s decision.

Attorneys for the hospital argued that the child suffered a stroke unrelated to the actions of the hospital staff and that they met the proper standard of care.

Medical Malpractice Information

According to the American Medical Association, medical malpractice leads to 225,000 deaths every year. It also leads to countless injuries, which can leave survivors with debilitating, life-altering conditions. Medical malpractice claims can help injured victims and their families recover damages for past and future medical expenses, loss of wages, and even pain and suffering.

Childbirth Injuries
  • Negligent prenatal care most often includes failure to diagnose medical conditions of the mother, birth defects, or diseases that trasnfer from mother to fetus.
  • Negligence during childbirth can also cause childbirth injuries. Negligence can include failure to respond to fetal distress, incompetent use of forceps or vacuum extractors, and failure to anticipate or act on birthing complications.

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