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Ford Recalls 550,000 Cars Over Rollaway Risk

Ford has announced a recall of 550,000 vehicles that pose a rollaway hazard.

About the Ford Recall

According to CNET, a bushing responsible for holding the shifter cable in the transmission might detach, causing the transmission to be in a different gear than what the driver intended. For example, the driver may think that they put the car in Park, and this would show on the dashboard, but the car may still be in gear.

Consumers of the affected vehicles are urged to immediately take it to a local dealership, where technicians can replace the shifter cable bushing. Until then, they should use the parking brake when the vehicle is in Park to prevent it from moving unintentionally.

Vehicles Affected by the Ford Recall

The recall includes:

  • 2013-2016 Ford Fusion sedan
  • 2013-2014 Ford Escape SUV

The vehicles’ manufacturer spans three separate facilities: Flat Rock and Louisville in the United States, and Hermosillo in Mexico. The build dates were between June 18, 2013 and August 31, 2015. Approximately 504,000 of these cars are in the U.S., with the remaining vehicles split between Canada and Mexico.

Safety Tips for Avoiding a Rollaway Accident

The following tips can help you avoid rollaway accidents and injuries:

  • When parked downhill: turn your front wheels to the curb or side of the road
  • When parked uphill with a curb: turn your front wheels away from the curb
  • When parked uphill without a curb: turn your front wheels to the right
  • When parked on a flat surface: park within 12 inches of the curb and turn your front wheels toward the side of the road
  • Make sure your gear selector is in Park when you park your vehicle
  • Use the parking brake
  • Turn your engine off before leaving your vehicle
  • Always remember to take your keys out of the ignition
  • Lock all doors when leaving a vehicle out of your sight

Contact an Experienced Vehicle Defect Attorney

Drivers have enough to worry about while traversing the roadways on a daily basis. When a person gets behind the wheel of a car, there is a reasonable expectation that the car is going to perform in a matter that would not put the operator’s life in jeopardy. Unfortunately there are hundreds of vehicle recalls each year due to manufacturer defects, from the tires to the ignition switches, that can cause catastrophic injuries and in some cases death. If you or a loved one have been injured due to a defective part in a vehicle, contact Thomas J. Henry.

Our experienced defective vehicle lawyers have handled a multitude of injury claims caused by recalled vehicles. We continue to handle cases involving faulty and dangerous GM ignition switches and Takata airbags. Our firm has offices in Corpus ChristiSan Antonio, Austin, and Houston, serving clients across Texas and nationwide. Call us today for a free legal consultation — our attorneys are available 24/7, nights and weekends.

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