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Safety Tips for New Drivers

New Driver

New drivers have to remember that each time they get behind the wheel, they are more likely to be involved in an accident than experienced drivers. So, as teen drivers ready themselves to head back to school, the Huffington Post is recommending that all new drivers review the following safety tips.

Tip 1: Wear Your Seatbelt

This tip is probably one of the most important things to remember when getting into a vehicle as seatbelts can greatly increase your chances of surviving a collision. When you are the driver of a vehicle, you should also ensure that your passengers (if there are any) wear their seatbelts as well.

Tip 2: Adjust Mirrors and Accessories Before Your Vehicle is in Motion

Try to adjust your mirrors, radio, navigation, and any other accessories before getting on the road. Also, secure loose objects in and outside the vehicle. In the event of a suddent stop or a collision, unsecured objects can result in significant injury.

Tip 3: Slow Down

Speeding is one of the leading causes of fatal accidents. The science is simple: the faster you are driving when you hit an object, the greater the impact and the greater the damage done. Rather than speeding to make up time, plan ahead and allow yourself enough time to get where you’re going safely.

Tip 4: Keep Your Hands on the Wheel and Off Your Phone

When you are driving, your hands need to be on the wheel at all times. If you don’t think that you’ll be able to resist your phone while driving, put in a place where you know you can’t reach to it. Anything that takes a driver’s attention from the road is a distraction, and distractions are dangerous.

Tip 5: Drinking and Driving Do NOT Mix

Don’t drink and drive and don’t ride in a car with anyone that has been drinking. Alcohol can diminish inhibitions and provide false confidence. No matter how confident you are a friend may feel, it’s not worth you or anyone else losing their lives over.

Tip 6: What to Do if an Accident Occurs

Not all accidents can be avoided and when one does occur, you need to know how best to respond.

  • If an injury has occurred, call 911 immediately.
  • Assess the scene when it is safe to do so and take photos.
  • Get the appropriate information from the other driver, including name, contact information, license plate number, and insurance information.
  • Get contact information from any witnesses.
  • Write down the details of the accidents as soon as possible.
  • Contact your attorney for additional advice.

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